Clinging to Spring Gift Trends with LOG-ON

LOG-ON buyer Alvin visited the Tokyo International Gift Show to learn about the latest market trends and products, in order to bring the trendiest items to customers.
During the trip, he visited our venders to discuss new product development and projects. Alvin also learned different promotion and display methods when visiting different shops and exhibition in Tokyo in order to bring the new image to LOG-ON. 

Although it is only 3 degrees in Tokyo. I chose to walk on the sidewalk of Shinjuku rather than walk underground. Besides at the planned destination, I believe there is something that can be discovered anywhere.

Tokyo International Gift Show held at Tokyo Big Sight. It is one of the largest trade shows in Japan and showcases different stationary and fashion products. Disney is one of the exhibitors inside, their products included Avenger series and Tsum Tsum are very popular.

Before visiting our vendors, we enjoyed coffee and had a rest in a café.

We met Dreams Inc. on this trip. Dreams is the vendor for Sonny Angel. There is even a bathtub inside their office!

Japanese people are very detail-minded and creative. The map on the eaves showed the direction of our vendor and distance of our vendor- Kitan Club office. 

POPTEEN and Kitan Club have a crossover product of Fuchico san to celebrate the 20th anniversary of POPTEEN. Will LOG-ON and Kitan Club have a crossover product in the future?

2016 is the 10th Anniversary of Fuchico san. This nano Fuchico figure (around 1.5cm height) lives inside a 2cm diameter capsule carried by a larger Fuchico figure and was part of a magazine gift!

I have visited the Sanrio Expo 2016 during the trip, the exhibition was full of Gudetama.

Sanrio Expo held in Ōsaki. It is a show that is open to the public, let’s go and visit it next time.

The theme of Gudetama hall is Gudetama airline. All decoration is related to this theme, it is a good example for designing the display at LOG-ON.

Traveler’s Factory is located in Naka-Meguro, people can enjoy coffee inside, Traveler’s Notebook fans must go take a look.

If you want to know how to display a lot of small things in a limited area nicely, this is a good place to check out.

The Decibel machine near the construction site shows how detail-minded Japanese people are.

2016/02/02 Tokyo, Japan