Exploring the Schedule Book 2017 Exhibition in Tokyo

Private Exhibitions for 2017 Schedule Books - Market research to major retailers for studying display, and to find out for new and attractive products.

Wow, I met my Japanese colleague, 阿香 in Hong Kong airport, and we're getting into same flight! This kind of "Dramatic Encounter" makes my travel happier for sure!

TRAVELER'S Factory is one of the hottest places to visit. It is a kind of people's secret base and they want us to keep it as our secret store. Warm orange lights inside welcome any people who can feel sympathy toward them. Nice display and friendly staff are always there.

Luckily, Sakura (Cheery Blossom) was fully blooming along Meguro river. This is one of the hottest areas where people can enjoy watching Sakura, and just a few minutes' walk from TRAVELER'S Factory. Everyone is enjoying tasty food with beer, and it makes me so hungry...

Visiting Hobonichi office for checking 2017 schedule books with our Japanese colleague, Otani san. There is a very antique telephone at reception but it still works!

Hobonichi office is really amazing! Wooden furniture is sophisticated but we can still find a sense of fun from various fun objects. It is a relaxing office and we hope to have a nice meeting with them!

We visited many exhibitions but unfortunately cannot share detailed photos as the coming new items are still confidential… Come visit our "Time on Paper" promotion in September to check them out and find your favorite schedule books for 2017!

Exhibitors introduce their coming new 2017 schedule books for us. Each supplier has their uniqueness, but all of them reflect the trend of upcoming schedule books. It's a very beneficial meeting, and we also enjoy chatting with Okazaki san after a long time.

Does everyone know that we have office in Tokyo? I originally came from our Tokyo office and transferred my position to Hong Kong! Our office is located in a very nice area with a street full of Sakura. We met with our Japan office colleagues here.

Going out for market research in Shibuya. Shibuya is a very big city with young and fashionable people. All the new trend are born from this city for sure. It feels very fresh and new to me visiting here after a while. This time I found a cute shaped tree in the middle of downtown!

3D figure making studio which places totally 102 cameras in 360 degrees. It seems a bit odd to me, but it's very cool!


Full of playfulness and attractive objects in Tokyo! There should be a story behind those objects for sure…See how many you can find and how these are unique!

2016/04/04 Tokyo, Japan