The Latest Health & Fitness Trends at ISPO Munich

ISPO Munich presents everything revolving Health and Fitness with lots of innovations to offer. Health and Fitness is an expanding category. The desire to be healthy has an increasing influence on personal lifestyles. Depending on individual preferences, there is a wide variety of sports concepts to choose from and the rapid development of wearable technologies that evaluate fitness data emphasizes this social change. LOG-ON buyer Sharon has visited ISPO Munich to discover the latest sports trends and bring innovative products to customer!

Visitors walking towards the Exhibition Site: Messe Munchen International to view the award winning products.

Surroundings around the Munich City Centre in freezing cold weather.

Checking out the Blackroll booth with their CEO, Marius, and their Asia distributor, Ho Sik Hon.

Visitors trying out Blackroll's latest product, the "Booster" is set to launch this spring.

A brand new "Water Sports Village" was built for exhibitors to demonstrate their latest water products.

To promote their products, exhibitors have set up a lot of demonstrations at their booths for visitors to try and experience first-hand.

There are scooter skateboard ramps for customers to play with.

This is “Slackline”, similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking.

There is a ski-simulation on the left and Zlagboard contest on the right. Customers can experience virtual reality technology with instant results.

We met international soccer star, Philipp Lahm, hanging out at the exhibition!

We visited Marienplatz - one of the iconic landmarks in Munich after visitng the exhibition!

We went to another tourist spot for local groceries and food like Hackbraten or Bratwurst.

One of the things I look forward to every time I head out on trips is to find good food.

Pretzels, Veal Patties, Pork Knuckle, Hot Dogs and Haribo Sweets are definitely on my list of foods to eat in Germany.

2016/01/21 Munich, Germany