Adventures in Stationery

11 (Thu) August - 31 (Wed) August 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, LAB Concept and Metroplaza

Are you counting down to the next public holiday again? Looks like somebody is tired of everyday school or work life and needs a little getaway. Join the Stationery Adventure with LOG-ON, and search for ways to turn work into fun. Here we go!

Retro-style Stationery Brings Back Childhood Memorie

Our first stop takes us back to the past. Remember the time during our childhoods when we were little stationery collectors? The trendiness of the stationery used to indicate how cool we were as kids, but they matter a lot less to us now as adults. Unleash your inner child again and have fun at work.

Mount Fuji Eraser

Unlike any other cute erasers, which you might not want to use, to keep them in shape, using this Mount Fuji eraser is a satisfying experience, as you help to form the mountaintop while using it.

Cassette-shape Tape Holder

This product is perfect to play a little prank on your colleagues: just ask them to pull out the “tape” and see what they get.

Drumstick Pen

This set of drumsticks is a must-have to music geeks. It's both fun and functional at the same time.

Train Ticket Memo Pad

Time to scribble gossip on this adorable memo note, just like the old days in school.

When Tradition Collides with Technology

Classics never get outdated, and tradition persist for a good reason. If you are a fan of traditional stationery, this metacil (metal pencil) should impress you.

The traditional octagonal pencil shape has been adopted into the pen’s design, but instead of wood, this pen is made of aluminium, giving it a modern feel. Its metal core means it can write more than 16km continuously, so you can say farewell to your pencil sharpener as long as you own it.

Selected Goods for a Better WFH Experience

At our last stop on the adventure, we are back to 2022. Online lectures and working from home have become more common during the pandemic, so you need a smart set of computer accessories at home. Let's see what LOG-ON has offer:

Momax One Active Stylus Pen 2.0

Whether you're using a laptop or a tablet, Momax's 2mm pen tip allows work using a touchscreen to be completed much more smoothly and easily.

Logitech POP Keys Retro Wireless Keyboard

If your everyday work involves a lot of word processing, make typing easier with a wireless keyboard. This POP Keys Keyboard comes in a series of vibrant colours, and makes work more interesting by allowing you to personalise your work space.

Momax Q.Mouse Pad 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

We are often asked to multitask at work – now your office essentials can do the same. This 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad embeds a power charging function into its mouse pad design, freeing up desk space. You can even fold it up when you are not using your mouse.

Momax Q.Mag Power 9 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack with Stand

For those who don't need to use a mouse at work, this wireless charger might be a better bet. Its pocket-size design makes it light and easy to carry around, while it is also office-friendly, with a back stand for keeping it on a desk, so you can charge your devices anytime, anywhere.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

For those who like to study or read in their spare time, it's important to select the right reading tool, as our eyes can get exhausted by looking at screen monitors for long period. Worry no more, as Kindle is here to help. Reading becomes easy with Kindle: it is thin, light and easy to hold with just a single hand, while it can contain thousands of books within its 32GB of storage. It also comes with auto-adjusting light settings, so your eyes are protected no matter whether you are reading during the day or night.

【E-Shop】Stationery Collections

We also have stationery collection on LOG-ON eShop! To make work and study smooth, check out the latest stationery products now!

Traveler's Notebook - Black

This is a notebook where you can customize it freely, and the longer you use it, the more the taste and texture of the leather deepens, making writing more fun.


Momax Bundle Set A

Includes Smart Desk Lamp Winnie the Pooh and Q.Pad 10W Wireless Charger.

$788.00 $630.00

MOLESKINE Ruled Hard Notebook Large Sakura 1

Hard Cover with sakura limited edition theme, 240 ruled pages, lies flat, opens at 180°, dimensions: 13x21cm


THECOOPIDEA Line Friends Meets Grinstant 13.3' Laptop Sleeve Mini Brown

Lovely LINE FRIENDS character's print on the 13.3" laptop sleeve, size: 32.5x2x23cm, fit for A4 size paper, perfectly for school or work.


And we have an exclusive promotion on LOGITECH Pop Keys Wireless Keyboard. Every purchase of a selected keyboard, customer can redeem 1 piece of LOGITECH Pop Mouse (selected styles) at a discounted price of HKD 68.77 (original price: HKD 299).

Offer valid till 31 (Wed) Aug 2022.