Chilling in Summer

11 (Mon) – 27 (Wed) May 2020

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, iSQUARE, Langham Place, Metroplaza and LAB Concept stores

Summer is the peak time for skin problems. To prevent dermatological issues caused by the weather, make sure you take good care of your skin.

Deal with heavy sweat


The most unbearable part of summer is sticky skin and embarrassing smells caused by sweating. Beat the summer heat with the Biore Deodorant Sheet, which will refresh you instantly, removing all odours, perspiration and stickiness with just one wipe. 

Strongest UV milk 


Don’t miss out on the ANNESSA UV Milk if want to avoid tanning this summer. With its advanced technology, it can to enhance UV protection despite heat, sweat and water.