Dancing in the rain

30 (Mon) May - 15 (Wed) June 2022

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During a grimy rainy season, good rain gear can make all the difference in the world - not only does it offer protection from head to toe, but it can also make you stand out stylistically from the crowd. If this is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place. At LOG-ON, we have all sorts of rain gear that's fashionable, durable and functional, all of which will make you the most joyful person on a rainy day.

The Umbrella with the girlish touch - WPC Umbrella

If you don't want to let go our your girly side during the bad weather, the WPC Umbrella from Japan should do the trick. Who wouldn't fancy a nice cup of sparkling cream soda on a gloomy day? With its transparent design, vibrant base colour of blue, pink or green, air-bubble printings and handle that resembles an ice-cream, this special umbrella will emit positive energy of dreamy summers amid the heavy rain around you. If you want to stay true to your cute self no matter the weather, carry this umbrella with you at all times.

Where tradition and modernity meets - 24-Rib Windproof Japanese Umbrella

The 24-Rib Windproof Japanese Umbrella is the perfect mash-up of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern techniques. With ribs made of fibreglass, the durable, flexible umbrella can be fully depended on in heavy rain. Aesthetically, the silhouette of the unisex wagasa is made up of the iconic Japanese Sumi pattern, characterised by the strings of a chrysanthemum constructed using numerous crossing lines. No matter if it's used under bright sunlight or heavy rainfall, this umbrella is a proud ambassador of Japanese craftsmanship as well as your exquisite taste.

A carefree day under the rain

Want to keep your hands free and look cool under a heavy rain? LOG-ON has the best ideas for you.

Nifty Colors Rain Poncho

  • When it comes to rain protection, the cute Nifty Colors Rain Poncho from Japan should be your instant go-to.
  • The poncho is built with rubber stoppers on the hood and hooks on both sides of the rain poncho that can be easily adjusted. Coming with a drawstring storage case that allows compact carrying, the poncho is convenient to put on, take off and carry wherever you go.
  • Kiu New Standard Rain Poncho

  • In light of Hong Kong's frequent rainy days, raincoats are a year-round wardrobe staple that are worth investing in. Do not be fooled by this one's fashionable, cosy outlook - the Kiu New Standard Rain Poncho from Japan features a hood with adjustable Velcro closure and drawcords, and offers 20,000 mmH2O water pressure resistance. Remains sturdy under extreme weather.
  • SMV JAPAN Mabu 28cm Umbrella Case

  • If wet and clumsy folding umbrellas have been causing headaches for you, the SMV Japan 28cm Umbrella Case is here to save the day. With its easy-to-use double zipper specifications and its capacity to store a bottle of 500ml, you can now carry your folding umbrella around with ease.
  • 【E-Shop】Rain Goods Recommendation

    We also provide various type of rain goods on LOG-ON eShop. Let's pick the rainy day essentials to brighten up your day!

    W.P.C. Paisley Pattern Mini Blue (220g)

    A folding umbrella with a raindrop pattern that makes you feel bright.

    SANTOS Stained Glass Umbrella Cat and Triangle Blue (345g)

    The umbrella can reflects different effects under sunlight and light at different time.

    SMV JAPAN 28cm Umbrella Case-Green

    Easy-to-use double zipper specifications that can be closed according to your hand.

    BECAUSE Super Light Rain Parka-NV

    Compact and stlylish. Light weight which only contain 150g.