7 (Thu) Mar – 27 (Thur) Mar 2024

Which duck walks on two feet, has big round eyes, is somewhat arrogant yet loves to protect his friends? It turns out that this iconic Disney cartoon character, Donald Duck, is about to celebrate his 90th birthday! Our old friend is taking the spotlight this year, and LOG-ON has gathered a collection of Donald Duck merchandise from various brands for all the Donald Duck enthusiasts out there. From collectibles, figures, blind boxes, and plush toys to diffusers, bedding, carpets, and more, there is something for everyone. There are also exclusive limited edition items available only at LOG-ON. Don't miss out if you're a fan of Donald Duck!

LOG-ON Exclusive Items

The Donald Duck plush is wearing his signature blue sailor suit, which made with corduroy fabric that gives it a vintage touch. It comes in two sizes, 30cm and 10cm. If you're having trouble choosing, why not bring both of them home!

The Donald Duck butt-shaped cushion and carpet showcase the classic image of Donald Duck falling on the ground, capturing his mischievous charm. Place the cushion on your sofa or chair, and let Donald Duck accompany you while you binge watching or work!

There are three adorable Donald Duck plush keychain designs, each one has a different funny expression that capture the richness of Donald Duck's character. They are incredibly cute!

​Hot Toys Donald 90th new collectibles

​Hot Toys is pleased to be part of the celebration as Donald Duck turns 90 this year, let’s introduce the new Donald Duck Cosbaby (S) and Donald Duck Cosbi Collection for fans who love this mischievous yet lovable duck.

​The Donald Duck (Velvet Hair Version) Cosbaby (S) is just too good not to include in your Donald 90th collection. Specially crafted with soft velvet hair. Each collectible measures 13.5 cm with rotatable head design. Available in LOG-ON only!

​Donald Duck Cosbi Collection, each random package box includes a 7 – 9.5 cm tall Cosbi collectible of your favorite characters. 9 possible types to collect, including 8 characters and 1 Mystery Version.

​This adorable Donald Duck’s Cosbi of feelings features him losing his temper holding a hammer in his hand when the alarm goes off and him having fountains of tears flowing from his eyes. It’s ok to feel down sometimes, Donald! Lucky Donald eventually finds himself in a better mood: grooving to the music, sunbathing at the beach, feeling the Explosión de Amor, enjoying the bike ride and chilling on the fish tank. But do you know the sailor Donald gets seasick too? After some rest, he is once again ready to set sail on his next journey as Mystery Cosbi, in mantellic color plating!

​Donald Duck Cosbi Collection will be pre-launched in Hot Toys stores and LOG-ON starting from March 28th!


Get ready to quack up with excitement, a brand-new television show featuring Donald Duck and Daisy Duck is coming your way!

With various expressions from 4 Donald Duck and 1 Daisy Duck, the joints in its hands and feet can also be flexibly adjusted, allowing you to pose it in whatever way you like!


In the boundless universe, countless galaxies adorn the dark void. Let us together unravel the universe with Mickey and Donald! There are magnets inside their feet so that they can be attached onto some tilt surfaces!

The entire series consists of 8 designs, including 6 different space outfits for Mickey and Donald Duck. Additionally, there are 2 hidden glow-in-the-dark versions.