23 (Thu) Jul – 9 (Wed) Aug 2020

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, iSQUARE, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, Metroplaza stores and LAB Concept store

Everyone has a good reason to hit their fitness goals – from health improvements to the ability to get into those skinny jeans. Moving towards those goals with you, LOG-ON has selected a series of sports and health-related items.

Ready for run

AMAZFIT AirRun is a convenient way to run at home. It can be quickly folded, reducing its volume by 80%, and easily set up in just 5 seconds.

Efficient body toning

The synergy of three elements in the CMM Pulse™ core technology make SIXPAD a revolution in EMS training gear: 20Hz Frequency, solving pain issues and professional training programme.

Customers can receive a SIXPAD STATION free upon purchasing any Style seat cushion or other SIXPAD product costing $3,000 or above. Train all your muscles in only 15 minutes. For details, please contact store staff.

Body and Mind training

Relax your body and mind with the IKEHINO Tatami Yoga Mat, which calms your mind and soothes jangling nerves. Made with soft rush, it protects you from bacteria and removes unpleasant odours.

Fuel your body

OSKA Pulse can increase circulation and has no side effects, allowing you to relieve inflammation-based pain without medication.