Get In Shape

12 (Thu) May - 29 (Sun) May 2022

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Has the pandemic put you in a workout slump? As we have fewer options to relax our minds and bodies during this challenging time, our physical activity levels might have dropped dramatically along with our mood. To help you get back on track, here are the essential tools to get your body and mind back on track with ease.

Get Ready for Yoga with Coffee Sweat

During the uncertain times caused by COVID-19, practising yoga can be your secret key to achieving holistic well-being by connecting your mind and body. To keep your daily yoga routine going, you can always use some top-notch yoga gear from Coffee Sweat, the brand created by prolific influencer and yoga teacher Coffee Lam. Apart from adding more beautiful yoga outfits to our catalogue, we also have new training accessories such as yoga mats and training bands ready for you to pick up at our stores. Don’t miss the chance to stay fit and look cool while doing it.

Your Ultimate Home Gym Setup

With top-notch exercise equipment, you can turn home workouts into serious muscle-training sessions and keep your physique in peak condition.

LOG-ON presents the STRONGether PowerStation Pro, the ultimate strength training station that can accommodate all your workout needs. The PowerStation Pro features an innovative “Motor Resistance Algorithm” that can generate up to 60kg of “Digital Weight” on each side of the device, allowing the user to perform more than 100 muscle-building workouts. Coupled with its folding design for convenient storage, the intelligent device is also equipped with a wireless power switch to toggle the Digital Weight on and off to prevent injury. Whether you’re a home workout newbie or veteran, PowerStation Pro is your perfect home workout buddy.

If PowerStation Pro alone isn’t enough for all your home workout needs, you are most welcome to check out: Chair Bike and Kely Bike for your cycling workouts when working from home, Amazfit Airrun and Mini-walker Plus for your jogging training, as well as other home gym accessories that will tone your body from top to bottom.

Onefit Chair Bike

Trunk Exercise Water Dumbbell

Mini walker Plus

EGOJIN Canoe Slide Shape

Breathe In, Breathe Out

If you ever feel homebound and stressed out due to the pandemic, why not treat it as the perfect opportunity to undertake your own holistic meditation? Either the beautiful muse of a singing bowl or the cleansing scent of incense can be an invitation to your very own head space, so that you can depart from worldly stress by breathing to your own beat.

【E-Shop】Fitness Items Recommendation

You may also shop and buy Sport and Fitness products on eShop now! Free delivery for order over HKD299!

Sixpad Arm Belt

Effectively trains the arms, targets the biceps and triceps.

Sixpad Body Fit 2

Effectively trains the body parts you care about, targets upper arm, oblique and leg muscles.

ELECOM Stretch Ball (Convex Type/Hard)-Orange

A regular-sized stretch ball (convex type) that loosens stiffness while sitting and sleeping.

GEMIBEE Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

45°C warm compress, double relaxation