Get Wellthy

30 (Thu) Mar - 19 (Wed) Apr 2023

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Always feeling tired and unable to keep up with the fast pace around you? It’s time to pause and attend to your personal well-being. The keys to getting wellthy are all at LOG-ON right now! Whether you need to supplement your nutrition or you need some help in finding inner peace, we have the goodies that are perfect for the job, so that you can stay wellthy and positive at all times.

Year-round Nutritional Support

100% made in Germany, Ivybear Gummies are here to assist you in identifying the optimal supply of nutrients for your body, in order to prevent the signs of ageing and give your hair and skin a brand new shine.

DHA & EPH, the fatty acids of Omega 3, have been linked to healthy ageing throughout life, and are arguably the most important nutrients we need to stay healthy. The Infinity High Concentration DHA & EPA brain-activating formula can help activate brain cells and enhance transmission of cerebral signals. Scientifically proven to improve memory and keep the cardiovascular system young, this supplement should be in your home at all times.

Shinyakoso Night Diet (Peaceful) contains natural enzymes and special nutrients that aid your sleep, increase metabolic rate and burn fat quickly while you’re dreaming. If you are the type that loves a midnight feast, getting in the way of your diet plans, pick up Night Diet (Bodymake- Dual Probiotics), with a recipe that strengthens your ability to rapidly burn fat, breaking down as much as 38 bowls of rice with a single pack.

Get Slim with our Yoga Goodies

Start your home yoga routine right with a couple of top-class training accessories. Yoga mats inspired by classic paintings, Eurgam’s back-toning training tubes and post-workout massage goods like body foam rollers, double neck massagers and body squeezers from Japan are all are ready for you to pick up at LOG-ON store now.

Look good, train good! There’s no better way to live up to that motto than wearing the gorgeous yogawear from Coffee Sweat, the brand developed by yoga instructor and influencer Coffee Lam. It comes in a range of tasteful colours, and each item tackles a specific body part during your training, making it the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

A Meditative Trip of Sensory Exploration

Looking for a daily spiritual getaway from the hustle and bustle?

Try sound therapy, a popular aid to meditation that use different frequencies to achieve a completely harmonious state of body, mind and soul. Made meticulously with materials like yellow copper and glass, the tiny, cherry-shaped “Paddle” and “Cherin” will cleanse your brain with beautiful sound vibrations.

At the same time, why not light the Plumeria x Edgar Degas or Orchid x Vincent William van Gogh rose and orchid candles, and let the scent guide you to your own special sanctuary?