Go Wild, Get Recharged

2 (Thu) – 22 (Wed) Apr 2020

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, iSQUARE, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, Metroplaza and LAB Concept stores

The novel coronavirus outbreak has drawn increased attention to the importance of strengthening your immune system and maintaining good hygienic habits. LOG-ON helps you to fight the disease with a collection of outdoor equipment and hygiene products that you can use at home or outside.



The Germ Killer
Keep your home disinfected and sanitised with the JDS UV-C Sanitizing Wand. Simply pass the sanitising wand over objects that need to be sanitised, and kill up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria. 




Trendy Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

It’s more hygienic and environment-friendly to bring your own bottle while you are out. The Hydro Flask stainless steel bottle features a double layer vacuum design, which keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot regardless of the weather.



Brand New Jansport Series
A water-resistant backpack is particularly useful when you need to sanitise yourself when you return home. This brand new series of Jansport backpacks feature durable fabric and a Cordura base, with multiple colours to choose among.