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As the pandemic continues, it is best for us to stay home as much as we can to stay safe from COVID and slow its spread - so fully upgrading our protection kit at home is a prerequisite. Take a look at the following LOG-ON tips on what to get to help you stay physically and mentally well at home.

Aomori Blue Antibacterial and deodorant set

All the way from Aomori, Japan, the Aomori Blue Antibacterial and deodorant set will become your best companion at home amid the pandemic. Every single product in the set, from antibacterial spray, disinfection wet wipes, body soap and face soap to face masks, is made with the organic extract of “Aomori Blue”, which has high antibacterial and deodorant properties, as well as health benefits. The products are especially easy to use for people allergic to alcohol due to sensitive skin, as only natural ingredients are used during the production process.

Aomori Blue Antibacterial Spray-500ml

Aomori Blue Disinfection Wet Wipe-80 S

Aomori Blue Body Soap

Aomori Blue Face Soap

Aomori Blue Mask - 5pcs

SOVOs HK Edition Organic Sanitizer

Hand sanitiser has become a daily staple during the pandemic. Without any use of chemical additives and synthetic fragrances, SOVOS HK Edition Organic Sanitizer is made with precious herbal extracts of magnolia, citrus and rose, which promote destress, relaxation of the nervous system and the release of happy hormones targeting your individual needs. The natural scents of aromatherapy can help you rediscover inner peace and give you a “high five” during this challenging time.

InnoShield Champion Series - SXM99 (Adult)

If you are looking for a protective mask that looks cool and helps you stay cool, look no further than InnoShield Champion Series - SXM99. Produced by Hong Kong's very own Innotide, SXM99 incorporates Ionic+ silver technology from Noble Biomaterials, which enables the mask to inhibit 99.9% of COVID-19 and SARS on the fabric. Apart from being tested after 200 washes, the protective mask also offers adjustable ear loops and body heat regulation. With a slick design in either black or blue, SXM99 is the perfect blend of style and performance for your daily protection.

【E-Shop】Protection Essentials!

With the fifth wave of the pandemic, we shall keep ourselves safe by practicing preventive measures at home and workplace to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. LOG-ON E-Shop has gathered various choices of personal protective equipment, including anti-bacterial masks and sanitizers, providing a better protection for you and your family.

Cartoon Mask Case

Keeping your face mask in a pocket-sized case safely while eating or drinking.

3-Layer Face Mask

Masks with curved shape design reduce gaps, effectively blocking particles and viruses.

Hand Wash & Sanitizer

The scented paper soap is very light and super convenient to carry around, with more than 10 scents available.