Hello Gorgeous

23 (Thu) Sep – 13 (Wed) Oct 2021

@LOG-ON Times Square, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, Metroplaza, and LAB Concept store

Looking to treat your skin and also your hair scalp better? LOG-ON’s got you covered. LOG-ON has gathered an array of latest products to help you with your skincare and haircare routine.

Keeping your scalp carefree

As the season changes, along with it can come all sorts of hair issues like scalp dryness and extra frizz. To solve your autumn and winter hair issues, LOG-ON stand prepared with John Masters Organics’ Conditioner for Normal Hair with Citrus & Neroli and Scalp Stimulating Shampoo with Spearmint & Meadowsweet to help you retain your healthy-looking hair with natural and organic ingredients. 

Cleanse your beautiful skin - The Japanese Newcomer ‘BCL Taviea’   

This autumn is a good time to treat yourself into a new skincare regimen, as LOG-ON will bring Taviea, a new brand launched by BCL, and its products to Hong Kong for you to experience. Not only does Taviea strictly adhere to the concept of “clean beauty” that it promotes, all of Taviea’s products are made of deep ocean water with rich minerals, and are harmless to the ecosystem and your skin. These precious skincare products, ranging from cleaning water, pure hydrator to freshness mist, will be available at LOG-ON stores during the promotion period this autumn.

LOG-ON Mask Library 

With more than 200 types of facial masks to choose from, LOG-ON is here to make sure that whatever masks your skin needs, we’ve got them. 

For busy schedules - LuLuLun

Featuring natural-derived ingredients grown in Japan, each mask of Travel LuLuLun Sheet Mask, Hakone Rose (7 Sheets Pack) and Premium LuLuLun Sheet Mask, Kyoto Green Tea (7 Sheets Pack) come in individual zipper bag packaging for you to take care of your skin within the tightest schedule. 

For sensitive skin - Utena

If you are dealing with irritation or skin sensitivity, it should not take much convincing for you to fall in love with Utena All Day Orchid Gold Jelly Mask Calendula and Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask Sakura. With a pleasant floral scent to relieve pressure, these masks are infused with rich gel serum and rich content of Calendula or Sakura extract to keep your skin supple and elastic.

For more moisture - KOSE

Looking for deeply hydrating masks? KOSE Cosmeport Clear Turn Premium Royal Jelly Mask Rice (4 Sheets Pack) contains highly-permeating moisture, and will leave your skin plump and tightened with no conspicuous pores.  If your eye area is wrinkle-prone, KOSE Cosmeport Royal Gel Eye Mask (5 Pairs Pack) can deliver with ultra-concentrated jelly-type serum straight to the eye area to reduce the fine lines.

For instant regeneration - BCL Momo Puri

BCL Momo Puri Milky Serum Mask Peach (4 Sheets Pack) and BCL Momo Puri Jelly Mask (4 Sheets Pack) contains a mixture of peach ceramide and probiotic Lactobacillus which strengthens the natural protective barrier and enhance skin firmness, and would help you achieve the supple and radiant skin within a short time span.

Flawless Day-night Skincare Routine

As the needs of your skin differ in the morning and night, it is only right for you to gather the essential skincare products for two separate skincare routines to keep your skin at tip-top shape.  

To help you start your morning right, LOG-ON has prepared for you BCL Momo Puri Moist Lotion & BCL Momo Puri Gel Cream to deeply moisturise your skin, tighten the pores, and give your face that natural glow for the rest of the day.

LOG-ON has also gathered products from different brands to assist in your night skincare routine. From BCL Saborino Night Mask, BCL Momo Puri Booster Serum ,we have every product you need to enhance skin rejuvenation and make it anew when the coming day arrives.