Hipster Home

31 (Thu) Mar - 20 (Wed) Apr 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, Cityplaza, Popcorn, LAB Concept, Metroplaza and LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk

Hipster homes are creeping in as a popular home decor style in recent years. For a home to be hip, it has to be effortlessly more creative than mainstream trends and embrace the mismatch of different styles.

If you have set your mind on bringing your ideal hipster home to life, keep an eye on the newest home decor trends and crossover matches, and pick up items that represent you best. LOG-ON has come prepared with inspiring sets of decor, so you don’t have to trawl through shops for your own personalised hipster home accessories.

Trendy Home Decor

When it comes to hipster home interior decor, it is always a good idea to mix and match different styles and colours to create that quirky but trendy look. Explore the chemistry of mix-and-matching the following household items that are available at LOG-ON, ranging from classic photo frames and retro table lamps to antique iron ashtrays, and showcase your own definition of a hipster home to your family and friends.

Leitmotiv Table Lamp Bank

W&W Telephone Black Princess Phone

Art Cushion (Girl With A Pearl Earring/ The Scream)

Modern Cuckoo Jungle Karlsson Wall Clock

Hottest Collectible in the Market - BE@RBRICK Figures

If you are trying to get your hands on the BE@RBRICK figures, good luck. Believe it or not, the market price for the plastic humanoid bears has been skyrocketing, even though they’ve been around for over 20 years, which has everything to do with its numerous collaborations and partnerships with fashion icons or labels, hence the wide array of styles for each figure. Whether you have just decided to jump on the BE@RBRICK hype train or add more BE@RBRICKs to your current collection, you are most welcome to visit LOG-ON HarbourCity, Festival Walk and LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk to give your hipster home a playful, artistic touch.

MANUAL FACTORY - Make your very own photo frame

While you are putting effort into sourcing hipster home items, never forget to put your inidividual imprint onto it. Feel free to drop by LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY, where you can take home an exclusively personalised photo frame (4 themes in total: baby, pet, lover or family) for you to showcase at your home. Apart from being able to put your name or personalised message on the photo frame, you can also choose to embed a recorded voice message on it, either as a QR Code, and give your hipster home visitors a better portrayal of who you are and what your home stands for.