Hunt for Happiness!

The wait is officially over! We are excited to announce that LOG-ON Harbour City is coming back with a refreshed look. Themed Hunt for Happiness, the re-opening of Harbour City store marks the beginning of new era of interactive shopping experiences, one that will offer you unlimited surprises.

After months of hard work, Harbour City store has evolved with an upgraded Manual Factory and five interactive touchpoints that you will thoroughly enjoy. For those who fancy the most innovative shopping experience, it’s time to drop by and get your very own taste of the brand new LOG-ON Harbour City.


Aiming to provide you with one-stop personalised gift service, MANUAL FACTORY provides you with a space to unleash your creativity, and to personalise Christmas gifts for your loved ones. From gift selection and custom engraving all the way to wrapping, our gift specialists are ready to help you with making a unique gift dedicated to your nearest and dearest.


To help you spread the love, LOG-ON Harbour City will also debut Card LABO, a collection of up to 400 styles of gift cards from all over the world for you to put down your thoughts for your loved ones. We have also specially designed a series of laser-cut wooden gift cards for you to create on the spot, so you can send your sincere greetings in a completely unique way.

Voice messaging

Other than penning your thoughts, voice messaging is also available at the new MANUAL FACTORY now. All you have to do is to record your dedicated message at our counter, and your gift card will be accompanied with your voice message to give your loved ones a pleasant, warm surprise. You may also choose to play your message via our in-shop Vestaboard, a 42-inch retro announcement board reminiscent of the ones found in European train stations.


Along with the renovated shop, LOG-ON Harbour City’s very own MANUAL FACTORY BEAR Mailbox is also making its comeback. With the MANUAL FACTORY BEAR stamps that are exclusive to the celebration of the shop’s reopening, you can now send your warmest greetings with the grace of LOG-ON’s symbolic little brown bear.

5 touch points

Beauty LABO

In collaboration with Ishizawa Laboratories, one of Japan’s best-selling skincare brands, the new Beauty LABO counter in Harbour City store allows you to experience and enjoy Ishizawa Laboratories’ products. Unlike Beauty LABOs in other stores, Ishizawa Laboratories has specially re-designed LOG-ON Harbour City’s Beauty LABO with respect to our innovative shopping concept, as well as providing a limited-edition set of skincare products in celebration of city’super’s 25th anniversary.

Hipster Home

Including the likes of Dalton from Japan and Twemco, which is Hong Kong-bred, LOG-ON has sourced furniture and household products originating from different parts of the world, which will be available at Hipster Home, helping you to redefine the aesthetics of your home. To celebrate the return of LOG-ON Harbour City, renowned Hong Kong illustrator Steven Choi also brings his personalised drawings to the new shop to add extra colour to your daily lives.

Glamping Fun

Looking to spend some precious time with your buddies away from the bustle of the city? We are here to help. LOG-ON Harbour City has all the glamping (glamorous camping) accessories that you will need for your gatherings amid nature.

Fitness Track

Turning your home into a fitness studio of your own is no longer a fantasy. Striving to further your imagination, we have gathered a variety of smart and portable workout machines that connect you with other users from around the globe, and saves space when your fitness studio is no longer in use. Post-workout treats like fascia guns and energy bars are also available at our shop for you to reward yourself for the sweat.


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, personal hygiene products are must-haves in every household. LOG-ON is on the case, with innovative personal hygiene products from the likes of INNOTIER and LG, helping you to keep your home as a sanctuary from all kinds of hygienic threat.