Jump Into the Joy of Summer Fair

Jump Into the Joy of Summer Fair

21 (Thu) July - 10 (Wed) August 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, LAB Concept and Metroplaza

Here comes the midsummer, after a long wait. Join Summer Fair now with LOG-ON to celebrate the arrival of midsummer, and get ready to dive into summer madness with our selection of goods.

Keep the Summer Vibe Alive

Specific scents can evoke memories. To turn back time and recall the good old days, select an aroma that has associations for you. The scents for the Tsubaki Wanoka Bamboo Diffuser are designed according to the seasons, with fragrances like matcha, bamboo and yuzu offering a refreshing summer feel. You will also be impressed by how the diffuser adopts Japanese craftsmanship into its design, with the bamboo sticks made from the fan bone of a folding fan, adding a stylish touch to your home's minimalist design.

There are other fragrance options if you are looking for something special. The Kissouan Fujisan incense holder has a traditional design, using Japanese cloud graphics to hold incense sticks, while the Kameyama Fujisan Fragrance Beads will remind you of summers spent in Japan with their resemblance to Mount Fuji.

Keep Your Guard Up This Summer

As well as introducing pleasant fragrances to your home, you can also carry them with you wherever you go. LOG-ON has worked in hand with local aromatherapy brand SOVOS to launch a summer-limited collection to help you enjoy summer 24/7. The yuzu and eucalyptus spearmint-fragrance sanitisers help you to maintain good hygiene while smelling nice, while the mojito cocktail insect repellent keeps pests away from you.

Tackle Summer Skin Problems

It's time to bring the best out of yourself this summer, and the LOG-ON exclusive skincare brand Ishizawa Lab is here to help you get prepared.

It's extremely easy to develop a sweaty, oily face in hot temperatures, but keeping your face clean is the first step to having perfect skin. The Baking Soda Foam Wash from Keana Nadeshiko is the face wash you need this summer: the baking soda is effective in deep cleansing and the use of grapes improves dry sky.

The next step is to provide sufficient moisture to the skin. The summer-limited Tightening Mask contains hyaluronic acid and collagen that permeates into your skin and keeps it hydrated. At the same time, luffa and cucumber are used in the mask, which are useful in tightening pores.

Must-have Items for Summer Outings

If the rising heat is stopping you from enjoying the summer fun, we have just the right solutions here at LOG-ON

1) SOU.SOU SS22 Toe Tabi Sneakers

You don't need to dress yourself in vibrant colours to nail dressing for summer. These Toe Tabi Sneakers keep your cute side low-profile by hiding the brand's signature print inside and at the back. The trendy, lightweight design of the shoes has helped to make them popular in Japan during summer.

2) SOU.SOU x POKETLE Portable Water Bottle

The best way to banish summer heat is to take a sip of a refreshing drink. This portable water bottle is small in size (120ml), making it easy to carry around, and the transparent design along with a colourful print makes using it fun.

In case you are craving a cold drink, we also have the brand's thermo bottle available. It can hold its temperature for up to six hours, so you never need to worry about your drink getting warm in the sun again.

3) SOU.SOU x Marushin Jacquard Towel

Wipe your sweat away with this cute floral-patterned towel to stay elegant in the hot weather. The jacquard design and use of the high-quality Imabari materials make this towel highly absorbent and suitable for all skin types.

4) SOU.SOU reusable shopping bag

There is a lot to carry when we go out during the pandemic: sanitiser, tissues, alcohol wipesand more. This shopping bag is here to free your hands. It is a perfect accessory to pair with your summer outfit.

Take Home Summer Fair Souvenirs

To bring this Summer Fair to a conclusion and keep these unforgettable summer memories in your mind, LOG-ON has prepared several time-limited products.

MF Bears is ready to go home with you in its new yukata. You can complete the outfit by adding the fan-shaped wooden keychain, which can be purchased separately. For those who like to create personalised souvenirs, come and check out the customisable omamori and the wooden ema at the Harbour City store.

【E-Shop】Summer Fair Items Recommendation

Summer fair items also available on LOG-ON eShop now! We have got differnt collections to get you through the summer!

JEKCA Daruma Doll 01S Red

Length: 26.8cm, width: 21.3cm, height: 25cm


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NADESHIKO Baking Soda Scrub Wash (100g)

Powder type facial cleanser that removes rough skin on the wings of the nose.


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AYANOKOJI Long Hand Bag-Geometric Walnut (1pc)

Handmade and Made in Japan.


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KAMEYAMA Fujisan Fragrance Beads Anzu

Bottle with FUJISAN shape, an air freshener with a fragrance beads.


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