LOG-ON Chinese New Year

13 (Thu) Jan - 3 (Thur) Feb 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, LAB Concept, Metroplaza stores

Chinese New Year is coming up! For a fruitful year of the Tiger ahead, it is time to treat yourself and your family and friends with some delicate CNY gifts for continuing happiness and success in the future!

Specially-designed Red Packet Sets

Want to usher your relatives and friends with more joy and prosperity? Thoughtful red packet designs might help! Here are LOG-ON’s special picks of red packets for you to send your greatest blessings to them;

・Amazing Packet Red Packet Sets (Hong Kong)

Express your wishes with creative Hui Chuns - Guo House Studio

Who said CNY traditions can not be creative? Take a look at the funny and charismatic Hui Chuns by Taiwan’s Guo House Studio Red Packet Set below, and be assured that blessings and laughter shall be graced upon your family for the upcoming year!

Blessings in a packet from the Sanrio Family

All children love seeing the colour red during CNY when they come in packets. The Sanrio Family have heard about this, and the likes of Minna No Tabo, My Melody, Hello Kitty and many decided to offer their very own blessings to the children, by embedding some words of blessings onto the red packets along with their own faces. The children must feel on the top of the world as they open the red packets and read the heartfelt blessings from their beloved Sanrio characters!

LOG-ON’s CNY Gaming Set - Craft your own CNY mascot!

What is a better time to gather and play than home visits during CNY holidays? Pick up Bogcraft Kakukaku Animal Papercraft - Daruma (Red) and Lucky Cat (Red), paper craft interior kits that you can put together yourself. Apart from getting to create your own festive home decor that would lighten up your home, you would also be able to fully enjoy the pure fun of assembling paper crafts from scratch. If you are looking for even more fun, LOG-ON also has BAB 3D Puzzle - Neko Tamago: Daruma Neko in store, which allows you to create your own neko tamago figure within 30 minutes, without even using any tools or glue!