LOG-ON x Yumo & Friends Xmas Party

3 (Thu) Nov - 4 (Sun) Dec 2022

@LOG-ON @ ToGather Festival Walk

LOG-ON x Yumo & Friends, a local designer pop-up store, allow everyone to become employees of the Bubble Company. Let's party!

LOG-ON x Yumo & Friends, Christmas Party 2022

A local designer pop-up store brings the animated characters Yumo & Friends to life. The store is full of Yumo & Friends-themed Christmas decorations, along with newly launched products and Christmas promotions.

It’s the perfect time to visit the first Yumo & Friends pop-up store in Hong Kong.

Limited Edition of Ten Styles Only One of Each

Limited-edition 15cm Yumo Vinyl Figure is hand painted by the artist. Each one provides a different perspective on Yumo.

Yumo & Friends Cupi Character Travel Pillow

Multipurpose plush pillow. Folding design makes it easy to carry. Just open the zip at the back and it becomes a comfortable neck pillow.

Yumo & Friends 18cm Mascot

“Get off work on time.” This is Yumo’s slogan at work every day.

Yumo & Friends Lavender Candle 150g

Lavender gives off a calming, relaxing scent: take a break with Yumo.

Yumo & Friends Hanging Cloth

It’s an emergency! Yumo is escaping from reality! Yumo is always not willing to work. Escaping from the office requires flip-flops, a flight vehicle and a toilet pump helmet.

Yumo & Friends Folder Set

Including 2 A4 styles and 2 A5 styles.

Yumo & Friends Notebook with Packaging Box

Yumo says: I don't want to work. Please…

To celebrate Christmas, get a free Yumo & Friends gifts card with any purchase of HK$200 or above.

*Free delivery for the gift card; customers should be fill in the delivery information and pass to staff on the date.
*Supply of gifts is limited, while stocks last.