MF Bear Kissaten

3 (Fri) Jun - 17 (Sun) Jul 2022

@LOG-ON ToGather @ Festival Walk

Does anyone miss the kissaten in Japan?” MF Bear raised his hand, called illustrators and artisans based in Hong Kong, and invited them to turn LOG-ON ToGather @ Festival Walk into his very own Japanese-style “MF Bear Kissaten.

Oscar, The Wax Can

"It all stemmed from the idea of not wasting coffee grounds. We have always wanted to recreate the aroma of coffee, in order to get a scent of coffee any time, anywhere. We eventually turned to making scented candles after continuously experimenting, which explains why our first series of candles came with the scents of cafes.
Throughout our process of experimentation, the idea that kept on resurfacing was to replicate the scents that we once sensed, and let everyone recapture the feelings through our candle can, whenever and wherever. As there are many more types of scents than the pleasant ones, we are going the distance to make candles that are more adventurous or even candles that are odorous."

MANUAL FACTORY - Manual Factory Bear scented Soy Wax Candle

We work with the local brand “ The Wax Can” to create a unique scent that could represent MF bear. We capture the scent of the leather, cashmere, and mahogany, which features rich elements of handcrafted leather, wood, and fabric goods, creating the atmosphere of Manual Factory, where MF bear works every day! Combining the essence of a gentle lemon and a hint of pepper brings you a fresh feeling initially and then changes to the scent of crafts gradually.

Coey, @siulungbao

"At first, I was only looking to make records of the restaurants that I liked by drawing. But as I gradually drew more and saw everybody's feedback, I came to realize that food is way more than what fills your tummy. It also entails experience and resonance; every time you look at a dish, you will recall beautiful times when you tasted it with your loved ones."

Kiki,@ imaginstation

"Imaginstation, a combination of 'imagination' and 'station', embodies the hope of creating a space of fantasies, and shines a positive light on everyone.
The storekeeper is a girl who is a daydreamer, with strange ideas recurring in her mind. Through her paintings, she is looking to record all the little things in her head to share them."

Coey, @siulungbao

"The concentration required when making a candle will make you let go of everything else momentarily, bringing calmness to your soul. When we are able to make more candles that are spectacular in their own ways, we will soon recognize our ability to make different things happen. We want to discover more ways to heal people’s souls and provide people with a place to create their own possibilities. That is why we named our studio Cosylab - to make every student feel cozy warm,and at ease upon stepping through our door."