ReMIX: HK Brands X HK Designers Crossover Products Exhibition

ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!

9 (Tue) May - 28 (Sun) May 2023

@LOG-ON ToGather @ Fashion Walk & Festival Walk

ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow! (ReMIX) is organised by the Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong, with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor. The second edition of ReMIX continues the first edition’s mission of facilitating creative business partnerships and cooperation between Hong Kong’s leading designers and local brands who have been rooted in Hong Kong for over a decade. The programme is a new platform for designers from different fields to demonstrate their outstanding work and enhance brands’ and design professionals’ reputations.

Six local premium brands were selected for the second edition of ReMIX, who were matched with six teams of designers. Their collaborations produced 23 crossover products in 10 months, including lifestyle products, accessories and decorations, electronic products, furniture and household products. The products integrated the essence of the brands with a fresh injection of creativity that will help them attract more young consumers.

A creative business partnership programme to connect and spur broad-based business collaboration between well-known local companies and design professionals, elevating the profiles of local creative talents and driving recognition of the professional contribution of creative services, product and industrial design in particular, to sustained growth.

Profilia x O-Vision

Profilia is known for its high quality and durability, using natural materials such as organic fibres and natural leather processed without pollution or toxic chemicals to create a comfortable home for users.

The Kittenish Playground Series features five types of pet furniture made of scratch-resistant fabric, solid oak and E0 standard ecological plywood. Based on a playground concept, this series showcases a harmonious design catering to the needs of both people and pets.

Designer: Karson Wong (O-Vision)

Designer: Toto Chan (O-Vision)

German Pool x One Object

German Pool has kept innovating for 40 years. With the core values of innovation, style, health and wellness, energy and environmental conservation, high quality and safety, attentiveness and simplicity, it has long improved its customers’ quality of life.

The product it has developed with local design firm One Object incorporates the complete experience of brewing and enjoying coffee into the Hong Kong household environment in a simple, environmentally friendly package, while demonstrating the spirit of German Pool – cherishing the local environment.

Repeated brewing leaves fatty acids from the coffee beans on the filter, which can help reduce the bitter taste of the coffee and maintain a delicate flavour. Everyone can choose their own combination and make coffee how they like it.

Designer: Evan Ma (One Object)

Designer: Doyle Wong (One Object)

FX Creations x BLIND by JW

FX Creations uses the rhythms of life in Hong Kong as its creative inspiration, designing and creating considerate, comfortable packaging.

FilpAPack is a revolutionary new super lightweight backpack that can easily be folded away with one motion, and returned to its original form just as easily. It’s an ideal companion for work and travel.

FilpAPack comes in four styles. It’s lightweight, and its round shape means it can easily be transformed in one motion.

Each style comes in two sizes and capacities. The colourful map design on the bag features various world-famous tourist attractions with a QR code; scan it, and pictures of the attractions from social media pop up.

Designers: Walter Kong and Jessica Lau (BLIND by JW)

Giormani x 100°C

Giomani has always provided high-quality, comfortable, fashionable sofa furniture. Its products integrate tradition and innovation, and classic and modern design to create unique modern furniture.

Wrap Me Up products use Giormani’s leather expertise to create a wrap that can be enclosed in a hollow interior structure. This interior space can be used for storage, while the leather exteriors make them comfortable to sit on.

The storage space is easy to assemble, while the interior box is made of sustainable bamboo.

This multifunctional stool looks like a gift, with a leather cover wrapped around a bamboo box. The front of the stool is a round, zippered flap that provides access to a hidden storage space. The top is covered by soft cotton that is comfortable to sit on.

Designer: Ling Wong (100°C)

Designer: Davide Tonizzo (100°C)

Unitek x mingz creations

Unitek’s products are convenient and fashionable, safe and reliable, designed with people in mind.

For the past 20 years, Unitek has consistently produced various 3C products and accessories with a focus on lightweight technology. During the pandemic, home offices and even mobile offices became the new norm. Observing this, Ming Wong, founder of mingz creations, designed the innovative MagMighty Combo 6, which smartly combines a power bank with a newly designed flat charging pad.

It’s an innovative combination of a simple and stylish design. A detachable mobile power supply makes it easy for users to carry it on the go. It’s suitable for different occasions, including office, home or even outdoors, and it can be used with all kinds of smartphones, Apple watches, earbuds and other devices. This set comes with 5000mA magnetic power bank, a wireless charging module and a phone holder.

Designer: Ming Wong (mingz creations)