Sakura Fair

9 (Thu) Mar - 29 (Wed) Mar 2023

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Apart from visiting Japan to witness the blooming sakura in person, sakura lovers can also purchase a variety of sakura-themed products, and indulge in the pink romance of sakura themselves. Come to LOG-ON now to find everything you need to enjoy a little sakura party at home.

Fancy a natural, stylish way to fragrance your home with the sakura scent of Japan?

Stored in a tiny, cute bottle, Global Product’s Sakura Diffuser creates a unique Kasumi and Temari Sakura aromatic experience for up to two months.

If you want to infuse your office with a sense of new spring beginnings, the wonderfully relaxing scent of Motomura’s sakura diffusers, with both dried and artificial sakura, will usher a Zen-like atmosphere into your work space.

As a symbol of birth and death, the beauty of sakura also lies in its short life. What if we could grasp its beauty for just a little longer?

Honeywood’s sakura display features preserved sakura that delicately arranged on branches. With Honeywood’s special preservation technique, the preserved sakura can be kept for up to two years, giving you a dramatically extended sakura season.

A Japanese national skincare treasure, sakura is known for its magical skincare benefits, including anti-oxidation, calming and rejuvenating effects. Want your skin to shine brightly like sakura in full bloom? Remember to check out LOG-ON’s collection of sakura skincare items. LuluLun, MegRhythm and &Honey are just a few of our world famous brands, which aim to offer you a sakura skin rejuvenation experience from head to toe with facial masks, eye masks, shampoo, body wash and more.

The popular Japanese brand Botanist is known for making its products with plant-based ingredients, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more. To improve an already delightful shower experience, the brand has produced a spring-limited sakura haircare and body wash set that will give your hair quality a boost. Thoughtful combinations of plant ingredients including blackcurrant and raspberry help to enhance the miraculous skincare effect of sakura extract.

Manual Factory O-mamori Key Chain

LOG-ON Manual Factory strives to present you with a greater choice of personalised items, and that dedication extends to cherry blossom season. At LOG-ON Harbour City, you will have a chance to customise your very own O-mamori key chain.

The acrylic O-mamori key chains come in different styles and colors. Apart from choosing your preferred blessing, you can also write down personalised phrases on your O-mamori, and wear it for more blessings, from sakura season onwards.

【E-Shop】Sakura Fair

We also have Sakura Fair on LOG-ON E-shop! Let's browse the sakura-themed products on E-shop now!

Care Bears Cherry Blossom Bear 27cm


LULULUN Face Mask Spring Sakura (35pcs)


DOUGHNUT Macaroon Mini-Iceberg X Sakura