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20 (Thu) Apr - 14 (Sun) May 2023

It’s nearly that day again, the best time of the year to show appreciation to your beloved mum with your carefully selected Mother’s Day gifts! It doesn‘t matter if she’s a Glam Mum, a Working Mum or a Stylish Mum, LOG-ON has compiled a detailed list of 2023’s most practical, heartfelt gifts for you to choose from. Let’s get into it!

Mother’s Day Gift Recommendation (2023)

Best Gift for Glam Mum


The Korean brand anillO is going viral on social media for its variety of nature-inspired body care products. Who can say no to the delightful scent of whisky fig, Damask rose or Jeju lime?


The perfect three-in-one Eye Candy Device supports high-frequency sonic vibrations at 13,500 rpm, promotes absorption and reduces wrinkles, dark circles and eye fatigue.


Mums who value their beauty sleep every night just have to lie down, let Moody Mood’s silk eye masks and mulberry pillowcases do their magic, and wake up a fairy, looking younger than ever.

Ceruru. B

With a special vibrating nozzle that helps premium ingredients like Haloxil, Eyeceryl and egg shell membrane to penetrate the skin around the eyes, Ceruru. B Eye Essence Premier is here to give your mum the sharpest look at all times. Also available on LOG-ON’s e-store.

Best Gift for Working Mum


With specially designed built-in massage ball rotation and movement patterns to achieve a unique 3D massage, Japan's Lourdes 3D massage pillow is the best companion to take away her soreness and pressure.


Whether it is the Amazon best-seller Eyeris 1 Eye Massager equipped with five massage modes or the Eye Spa Pod that allows switching between hot and cold temperatures, Renpho’s eye care devices are luxurious but affordable choices to look after your mum’s beautiful eyes.


Can’t be there to give her a massage every time her body feels sore from work? Delegate the job to a team of portable massagers by Philips, and let them take care of her head, neck and knees all at once.

Best Gift for Stylish Mum

If your mum is the stylish type, treating her to the gift of fine fashion will guarantee her compliments wherever she goes, and the price tag doesn't need to be at the high end. No matter if it’s the sustainable knit pleated bags by PLEATS MAMA of Korea, eco shopping bags by Sou Sou of Japan that put the emphasis on catchy patterns and colour schemes, or Ayanokoji’s coin purses that are hand-dyed and hand-sewn in Japan, LOG-ON has items that will level up her style effortlessly.

How to express my love?

A good way to let your mum know that you are always with her is to prepare a nostalgic gift that can withstand the test of time. That’s why LOG-ON HarbourCity MANUAL FACTORY is bringing you a Mother’s Day-exclusive vintage photo frame that allows personalisation of a printed blessing or even a voice message, so that she can relive the special memories with you whenever she wants.

We have also prepared a variety of greetings cards for Mother’s Day for you to select from, so that you can make her smile involuntarily with your words of gratitude.

【E-Shop】Stay Fabulous

We also have Mother's Day gift collection on LOG-ON E-shop! Let's express your love to your mom now!

GREETING LIFE Mother's Day Card - Pink Flower


NOL CORPOR 2 - Champ De Fleurs Box Petal (Floral) - Bonne Journe


ARCHETYPE SS23 Fantasy Zipper Backpack Purple