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Summer Outing

7 (Thu) July - 20 (Wed) July 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, LAB Concept and Metroplaza

Summer has officially arrived – the time of the year to go out and unleash your energy under the sun. At LOG-ON, we have selected a range of goodies to help you prepare for your summer getaway. Let’s go!

Feel the Summer Breeze while Looking Chic

To fashionistas like you, we understand that it is essential to look chic anywhere, anytime. It is challenging to showcase your style while wearing something light for a summer outing. Fortunately, we have a great selection of bags here at LOG-ON to match your outfits.

The Big Bop Carrier Bag from Mystery Ranch is a perfect choice for urban lovers of the outdoors. Besides its durable materials, its shoulder strap is easily removable and can be transformed into a bum bag with just one click.

If you are a fan of the minimalist, the CIE shoulder bag could be your next everyday companion. With a subtle design and use of colour, it features some unexpected, hidden, playful details.

If you’re looking for something fancy this summer, the Mini Icon mini crossbody bag collection from CRASH BAGGAGE could help you stand out from the crowd. With its use of vibrant colours and an uneven elastic surface made of polycarbonate, it features a unique, futuristic style.

All-rounded Care for You to Get Close with Nature

Before stepping out of doors, remember to protect yourself from all kinds of pests.

Pest prevention is the first but not the only step in keeping yourself safe outdoors. Before going outdoors under powerful sunlight and heat, don’t forget to take care of UV protection and heat control. Click here to learn more about sunscreen, hats and more goodies at LOG-ON.

French mosquito repellent brand Parakto has launched a range of organic products to suit you no matter your circumstances. Whether you are searching for a product with a water-resistant formula or one that with non-irritative ingredients for your sensitive skin, you’ll be able to find it.

Parents who want to protect their kids from mosquito bites should check out kid-friendly brand Skin Technology. With its renowned patented formula containing Picaridin, the mosquito repellent is proven to be effective for at least 12 hours. Most importantly, the ingredients used are organic and can be applied to children over two months old.

Handy Goods to Keep You Up with the Camping Trend

The rising temperature is unlikely to stop the growth of camping fever. Are you prepared for your camping adventure yet?

Always keep yourself hydrated when undertaking outdoor activities, including camping. The Dometic Tumbler (320/600ml) and Thermo Bottle (480/600ml) are durable, easy to clean and outstanding in maintaining temperature because of their dual wall design.

A complete camping experience should include an unforgettable, cosy outdoor dining moment – and that requires a way of storing and preparing ingredients, as well as the right cooking utensils. The Dometic Ice Box features a sealing technology that helps store ingredients in perfect condition by locking & storing cold air inside. If it gets windy while you’re camping, the Dometic portable stove allows you to cook without worries. Its three-sided windshield effectively blocks incoming wind, while it provides up to 20,000 BTU of heat output – more than enough to cook outdoors.There are countless other situations that we should also prepare for.

Barbecue Essentials for Your Own Outdoor Parties

One of the best things you can do in summer is barbecuing outdoors. Now you can enjoy cooking alfresco both deep in the countryside and right at home, thanks to the Slower portable BBQ stove Alta and folding stool Casino. Both products are small and light to carry, making them extremely easy to set up on the rooftop or balcony.

Apart from getting there, another challenge of summer barbecues can be the high temperatures. To keep your focus on the delicious food and fun conversation, a Slower mini portable fan blows your problems away, helping you ignore the heat. The fan has two charging options and can also be used in two ways – stood on a table or hung on a bag, meaning it’s ready to use any time.

【E-Shop】Summer Outing Items Recommendation

Summer outing items also available on LOG-ON eShop now! We have got differnt collections to get you through the summer!

TOYMOCK Folding Hammock-Black

  • Design by Japan
  • Portable & easy installation, can be compactly folded
  • For standard size, can hold up about to 220lbs(100kg)

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    MERCURY Mercury Emboss Sierra Cup Mat Olive

  • Size : approx. Φ12.2×L17×H4.5cm
  • Handle size : approx. W5×D2×H3.8cm
  • Made in Japan

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    PARA'KITO Parakito Roll On Sport 20mL

  • ParNo animal testing and dermatological tested
  • abens free, preservative free, alcohol free, surfactant free
  • Applicable on Adult, children and baby from 36 months or above
  • Protection time: 8 Hours

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