Tamashii Figures Mania

2 (Thu) Sep – 22 (Wed) Sep 2021

@LOG-ON Times Square, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, Metroplaza and LAB Concept store

A division of Japan’s top toymaker, Bandai, TAMASHII NATIONS is a place for products infused with the Tamashii spirit by Japanese master craftsmen, spreading the mania for the figures to every corner of the world. LOG-ON has landed the hottest figures from the top brands under TAMASHII NATIONS, including Figuarts Mini, S.H. Figurarts and METAL BUILD, for you to add to your unique collection.


Figuarts Mini, an extension of the renowned brand Figuarts, has released the figure set for the beloved anime Demon Slayer, featuring a variety of Demon Slayer characters. Thanks to adjustable necks, shoulders and legs, each figure is graced with excellent flexibility, so they can strike poses according to your wish. Topped with the lifelike eyes created using the brand’s Glittering EYE manufacturing method, each Demon Slayer figure comes to life in front of your eyes.


S.H. Figuarts, another extension of Figuarts, has always thrived on improving the mobility of figures’ joints. LOG-ON is offer figures of five timeless anime characters to feed your nostalgia. 

  • Dragon Ball Super Goku Black: Maintaining the signature form of Super Saiyan Rosé, the Goku Black figure is coupled with changeable expressions and hand gestures for cool Kame Kame Ha poses. 
  • Ultraman Tiga Multi Type: Built to the S.J. Figuarts Shinkocchou recipe, the figure comes in a cool black and silver-plated box with a coloured booklet detailing the process of making it. 
  • Ultraman Z Alpha Edge & Ultraman Tiga: Include replacement colour timer. 
  • Ultraman ZERO: Replacement wrist for striking the classic pose when saying the heroic catchphrase “I am still 20,000 years ahead of you!”  


The METAL BUILD Gundam Dynames R3 figure is designed with tasteful details throughout, among the most impressive being the delicate parts beneath the surface that are revealed one-by-one when removing the figure’s plate armour. The METAL BUILD DRAGON SCALE Ryujinmaru figure also incorporates some stunning design details, from its movable exterior armour around the body to the uniquely designed internal structure of a golden dragon that you can observe through the transparent head shield.