Time On Paper

13 (Thu) Oct - 2 (Wed) Nov 2022

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, Cityplaza, LAB Concept and Metroplaza

2023 is approaching, so it's time to plan ahead. First, what you need is a planner. Known for its superb collection of planners, LOG-ON has sourced hundreds of different types of schedule books and calendars from places including Japan, Taiwan and Europe, with popular themes ranging from famous cartoon characters to cute illustrations to minimalist styles. Visit our stores and find the perfect way to plan your 2023.

Schedule Books & Calendars with Popular Cartoon Characters

Mainly imported from Japan, these feature images of much loved cartoon characters on their pages - one for all the kidults among you.

Healing Pets' Schedulers & Calendars for Animal Lovers

Life can be tough … but any sadness or annoyance will be healed simply by looking at the cute faces of the pets on your scheduler. LOG-ON has gathered a number of planners from Japan and Taiwan featuring illustrations of adorable pets - irresistible for animal lovers.

Designer Planners for Hipsters & Office Workers

These trendy scheduler brands craft their planners with a minimalist style or artistic design, with user-friendly sections as well as a sturdy texture. Their yearly innovations are welcomed by stylish hipsters and thoughtful office workers.

Delicate Stationery & Planner Decoration Materials

LOG-ON also prepared various stationery, paper products, tapes, and chops, including decoration materials from England's creative stationery brand - SUCK, for your customization of schedule books. By designing your planners with calligraphy and collage, let's plan to achieve your dream!

MF Bear Customised Calendar

MF Bear Customised Calendar is made of a wooden pattern and acrylic texture. Without the year printed, you can use it year by year. You may also engrave your name on it! All these planners embody environmental-friendly, user-friendly, and DIY elements, nurturing the artistic vibe for your office and house.

【E-Shop】Time On Paper Collection

We also have Time On Paper collection on LOG-ON eShop! Let's get ready for 2023!

SUNSTAR B6 Monthly - Toy Story Alien


MIDORI Monthly A5 Paint Diary - Khaki


APJ B6 Monthly Oct Start - Neko Senryu