Time on Paper

19 Oct (Thur) - 1 Nov (Wed) 2023

In this fast-paced era, it’s worth embracing the warmth of handwriting and capturing every important moment in our lives.

LOG-ON brings you a diverse range of exquisitely designed notebooks and calendars. Whether you’re planning your schedule, setting goals, expressing feelings or recording memories, they allow you to create your own unique treasure trove of memories.

Minimalist & Practical style

The Midori and Kokuyo planners and calendars from Japan offer a minimalist design and practical features, focusing on quality and usability, making it effortless for users to plan their schedules.

Midori is well-known for its minimalist design. The pristine white MD planner provides ample space for notes, allowing users to freely write according to their preferences and needs. Attention to detail is evident in the choice of high-quality paper that minimises ink bleed-through, offering a smooth writing experience. Furthermore, the notebook’s ability to lie flat enhances the user’s overall experience, providing optimal convenience.

Kokuyo Campus DiaryBiz

This planner emphasises functionality and features a classic layout design. It includes clear sections for monthly calendars, weekly calendars and memo areas, allowing you to easily see all important tasks, aiding in your planning. It is specially designed with a lightweight construction and is conveniently A5 sized for easy portability.

Kokuyo Jibun Techo

This planner focuses on a timeline-style format, allowing you to record your daily life and set various goals. It offers four series, including the Standard edition, Biz edition for business use, Lite edition with a minimalist design, and Days edition. It caters to different needs, allowing you to plan your schedule monthly or daily, and record the details of your daily life. It comes in A5 and B6 sizes, while users can freely customise the covers to express their creativity.

Animal Lover

Cheer yourself up with cute animals that relax you and fill you with happiness.

Whether you have pets or not, everyone finds them cute. Imagine looking at a scheduler covered with adorable animals every day; it’s an easy way to make yourself smile and lift your spirits throughout the day.

These schedulers and calendars are themed around cats and dogs, capturing their daily lives, and showcasing their playful, lazy and daydreaming moments. Just a glimpse of these adorable creatures will instantly recharge you and fill you with a soothing sense of healing.

MF Leather Bookmarks

MF Leather Bookmarks allow you to customise your own text and design, creating unique bookmarks that can be clipped onto your schedulers or books. Combining practicality and style, they add a touch of fun to your everyday life.

When you purchase any schedule books at the LOG-ON store, you can get a MF Leather Bookmark for HK$59 (original price HK$99) at Harbour City branch to create a personalised experience.