Time to Travel

28(Wed) Dec 2022 - 11 (Wed) Jan 2023

@LOG-ON Times Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, apm, Langham Place, Tai Po Mega Mall, New Town Plaza, PopCorn, and Metroplaza

For most of us who have been pondering the best time to travel amid the pandemic, it is finally time to say “Let’s go!” But remember, the bigger the craving, the more we have to prepare in order to get the best travelling experience. LOG-ON is here to walk you through different travelling essentials, from baggage and backpacks all the way down to different smart gadgets, so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Bon Voyage!

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of packing for your trip. Check out our collections of multi-dimensional travel backpacks and suitcases to kickstart your preparation. Ready, Set, Pack!

The world’s thinnest carry-on luggage can be folded to 5cm in width. Despite its 2.2kg, ultra-lightweight design, the suitcase has 40l of storage capacity in the main compartment, and is made of high-quality water-resistant polyester fabric and a durable polypropylene hard shell.

The Taiwanese brand Matchwood has always been big on putting military elements into its backpack designs, and the Clutch 3Way Backpack is the true embodiment of its style. With a detachable design, the front pocket of the versatile backpack can be used as a crossbody bag, as well as being worn over the chest while being attached to the bag at the same time.

Clean design, high comfort, ample storage space - this backpack is a mix of convenience and minimalist beauty. If you are a believer that less is more, this backpack should be your pick.

Take comfort dressing to the next level with the roomy, soft, voluminous dumpling bag, a combination of functionality and a gorgeous appearance.

All backpacks by the Japanese brand CIE are all made by Japanese craftsmen, from designing to sewing. The LI-TEX material used on the bag surface and the YKK used on the main zip are great additions to the highly waterproof backpack. In addition, the nylon straps on the bag allow you to strap extra pouches onto it, which gives its volume a major boost.

Small Travel Essentials

Sorting your baggage choices is only the first step; the biggest issue is what to store in them. If you want to be as prepared as possible during your trip, get all your small travel accessories.

Fancy a home-like experience on the plane? The Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow’s ergonomic design with premium memory foam, as well as its exclusive straps that let you attach the neck pillow to any chair, will help keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment throughout the plane ride. The set also comes with a buttery-soft Cabeau Fold ’n’ Go Travel and Throw Blanket to offer you ultimate warmth whenever you want.

One of the keys to enjoying your trip to the fullest is to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Try our Comfort Cover Earplugs and blindfolds for full rejuvenation.

Compatible with all types of mobile charger, the Doma Power Warmer is equipped with a double-sided heating function to help you stay warm wherever you go.

Fancy a home salon when you are on the road? The Vidal Sassoon Hair Straightening Set includes a Rechargeable Mini Straightener and Brush that can both be remotely controlled, and is able to heat up to 190°C~200°C in three minutes.

Connecting is made easy with Travel Blue’s travel adapters and chargers. In particular, the dual USB travel charger enables safe connection in more than 150 countries, and can charge multiple devices at once.

Your Best Companion in Nature

In between your voyages, remember to reserve some time for discovering hidden gems in Hong Kong’s natural environment. Going for a day trip or overnight camping can provide a much-needed escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

To channel your inner girly side, remember to bring along LuLu Pig-themed camping goods. The cute LuLu Pig has left its footprints everywhere on the tent, camping chairs and outdoor tableware, just to let you know that LuLu Pig is accompanying you to every corner of the world.