15 (Mon) May - 31 (Wed) May 2023

The Urdu Art Toys Fest is about to start! Hong Kong toymaker Urdu specialises in art toy design and manufacturing. It’s bringing good fortune to LOG-ON this early summer with the exclusive launch of the Urdu Fukuheya Maneki-neko Mickey Mouse-Special Edition. Don’t miss your chance to collect all Urdu’s amazing creations.

Urdu Fukuheya Maneki-neko Mickey Mouse (Special Edition) launches exclusively at LOG-ON on 20/5!

Urdu Fukuheya Maneki-neko Mickey Mouse wears a new brown outfit with a blue scarf, making him a unique lucky cat. The Urdu Fukuheya Maneki-neko Donald Duck Figure Sculpture also relaunches at LOG-ON on 20/5! Save the date!

Action Softoys Series Stitch first launch on 19/5!

Action Softoys Series Stitch’s debut at LOG-ON will take you back to your childhood with classic television characters. There are five Stitch and Scrump styles for you to collect, which can be twisted and turned into multiple poses.

FUWA FUWA Series Part 7 UNICORN First Landing at LOG-ON on 19/5!

Fuwa Fuwa Unicorn brings Fuwa Fuwa Cat and other companions to Urdu Art Toys Fest!

Fuwa Fuwa Unicorn is a series of mythological creatures. Vanilla, Custaro, BlueJava ,Taro amd Pitaya are angel-like unicorns who defeated the force of darkness together, and are continuing their adventures with other animals in Fuwa Fuwa World.

PLANT ALIEN first debut at LOG-ON!

Planet Alien leads a group of space creature friends as they land at LOG-ON! This group of space visitors from Jupiter are set to rock your heart.

URDU X LOG-ON ART TOYS FEST collection also launched on E-Shop now!