Beauty tips from Ishizawa Labs

People are always jealous of Japanese girls who have perfect skin, however what are the Japanese skin secrets to maintain the best condition of skin with a busy life? LOG-ON invited Ishizawa labs to share their daily skin care and makeup tips with us!

Baking soda facial cleanser
Nadeshiko baking soda facial cleanser use natural baking soda as the main ingredient, strawberry flavor is now available and are very popular among female customers. 

Nadeshiko baking soda facial cleanser removes the oil and dust that rest in the pores. Just a small amount will do the job. Use together with a foaming net to create creamy rich bubbles.

Baking Soda Toothpaste
While the toothpaste helps remove surface stains on teeth, and is effective for nicotine and tea stains. The peppermint flavor offers your breath a refreshing taste.

LOVEDROPS Impact Eyeliner
Eye makeup is quite important for oriental ladies, and a fine quality eyeliner is a must-have item in a lady’s beauty case. The LOVE DROPS eyeliner can give your eye makeup a unique character. Comes in 3 colors - the sharp-looking black, natural brown, and stylish blue, suitable for our Hong Kong ladies’ dazzling eyes.

Medeco Waterproof Mascara
With the black, brown, and blue Medeco Mascara to create the perfect makeup.

Acne Barrier concealer for men

Oily skin and acne are 2 common skin problems in Hong Kong. The Acne Barrier series comes in both unisex and men editions. The Acne Barrier concealer for men is quite popular these days; it contains medical ingredients that stop further acne breakout.  It is also convenient to use and bring.