How the Hipster Schedule Planner was trained out?

In fact, as long as you are willing to spend a little thought in your daily life. You can already make your schedule planner become more colorful. I believe you have been amazed, not by once, by the superb ways to use journals by ‘professionals’ who create masterpieces with marvelous illustrations, writings, stamps, masking tapes and DIY materials. LOG-ON specially invited schedule planner superb Puiian C using the latest Hobonichi 2018 schedule book to demonstration how to let creative uses flow to record every day.

4 Smart Tips for Schedule Planner

1. Highlight your note by writing on a piece of tape.

When you want to highlight a part in the schedule book. Try to stick a tape on it. Use colour pencil or using WordArt to write down the text, such as the title or date. Different words of art or variety of colours of the pen can make the title become more eye-catching.

2. Write in a different direction to make it even more fun! 

Schedule book is like an active hard drive which can be use anywhere, anytime, and keeps track of all things, feelings and discoveries that occur in your life. Schedule book is to let you to record at any time and every moment. There is no harm in trying write in different directions, you will find out your schedule book becomes more interesting!

3. Transform the tape into a special sticker.

Always buy the beautiful or special paper tape? Then bought become more and more at home? In fact, try to die cut the paper tape pattern, it will become a special sticker. Meanwhile you can also collage the bills, stickers, photos and notes in the day of the page, multi-angle memory for the day.

4. Watercolour brush calligraphy brings art to the page! 

A touch of watercolor and a colourful schedule book with copy, writing and painting. Recording your life with all memories of the relevant event details. Bring a fresh breath your schedule book!