Pilot - Quality Writing Instruments

Brand story:
Pilot is a Japanese pen manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan, producing quality writing instruments. Not only is the brand well-known for easy-to-use writing instruments such as ballpoint pens, gel pens, liquid ink pens and mechanical pencils, it also manufactures other world-class writing equipment and its top-of-the-line fountain pens. Pilot is the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, and has a large number of subsidiaries throughout the world.

Recommended Products:
Pilot Vintage Gift Set 
Product description: 3 themes of Gift Set, each including 6 pieces of Frixion Stamp with selected patterns, 3 pieces of Frixion Slim and 1 piece of Frixion Eraser (free gift).
A mix and match of old Hong Kong and innovative new technique, showing the special nature of Hong Kong. The brand new Frixion stamp uses the unique thermo-sensitive erasable gel ink, enable you to stamp and erase and re-stamp without any mess. The 28 patterns are perfect for you to add events in calendar, schedule, and adding a fun accent to notes or letters. The stamp also includes a small hole for attaching a strap or charm.
Hi-Tec-C Kumamon 
The Hi-Tec-C Coleto system combines the smoothness and precision of the Hi-Tec-C line with convenient and customizable multi pen bodies. You can pop in a variety of color ink cartridges, mechanical pencil of your choice.
Product description: Pen barrel with 6 limited designs; 0.4mm Refill with heart-shaped design, total 10 colours. Refill set comes with 10 colour refills and 2 limited-design pen barrels.
Juice Paint Marker
A member of “Juice” series arrive! This colorful paint marker comes with 24 colors and a compact hexagonal body makes it easy to grip for children and adults. The water-based ink works well on light or dark paper, or on nonporous surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal. Once the ink is dry, you can even write over it using a different color.
Frixion Slim
The Frixion series uses the unique thermo-sensitive erasable gel ink, enable you to write and erase and re-write without any mess. The 0.38mm tip is good for every day writing and works great with schedule book and text book.