Scrapaholic Hints and Tips

Lot of things are worth remembering in life. The scrapbook is a tool to capture the precious moments of life: notes, photos, decorative accessories with messages posted on each page of your scrapbook, recording each very moment in your life.

Scrapaholic Hints and Tips: 

1. Be thematic. Decide a theme and style of your scrapbook, like scrapbook about travel in vintage style or scrap book about wedding in girly style. 

2. Being environmentally friendly. Cutting some old magazine or notebook graphic or photo to stick on the scrapbook. They can be a stylish thing. 

3. 3D effect. Use some pop up sticker to make the scrapbook look more 3D.

4. Photo element. Memories may lie but not photo. Printing signature photo for recording what happened / where it
happened / who was being with.

5. Tearing paper. To cover a large surface of cover, make use of thematic scrap paper with curved shape and make it look having layer.

​6. Journlization. Writing what you see and feel during the trip with cardstock or craft paper, to make it more outstanding. 

7. Stick and Sew. Attached any material you can think on the scrapbook, like masking tape / fabric tape / rope / tape / ribbon and sewing techniques. 

8. Drawing or colouring or sketching or stamping.

9. DON’T waste the last page of scrapbook. Add an envelope of pocket at to keep ticket or small stuff.


Tools checklist for making a scrapbook :
-          Kraft paper book with binding
-          Masking tape / stamp / sticker / deco rush
-          Anti-sticky scissors and cutter
-          Glue sticker and double tape
-          Pen, like calligraphy pen / shiny colour pen/ fineliner