Sixpad Training

Exercise while reading or doing household chores, or even during business or leisure trips. What’s more, SIXPAD can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for workouts while you’re on the job or on the move.

SIXPAD Core Technology

What is EMS ?

Normally, muscles act in response to signals from the brain. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Patented Core Technology “CMM Pulse” – 20Hz.

SIXPAD uses 20Hz frequency for effective muscle training. 20Hz is the frequency found to be most effective for training muscles by Kyoto University’s Professor Emeritus Toshio Moritani.

Introduction of SIXPAD new series
SIXPAD Training Gear introduced 5 EMS device items developed from IoT* and Training Suit geared to enhance exercise continuity, the most important aspect to muscle training.

Variations are now available for training particular parts of your body and for various objectives.
Focus on training your abdominal muscles
Focus on exercising your arms
Focus on exercising your legs
Exercise on concerned parts (e.g. waist, arms and legs)
Exercise around stomach area
Muscle Training Tips
SIXPAD Training Gear can help exercising by training your muscles. In addition, it helps to enhance the muscle training effect after doing exercises. Here are three muscle training tips:
1. Bicep curl training tips:

a. Maintain ideal movement speed ex. 2s to curl up, 2s to resume.
b. Maintain ideal body posture (neutral position) and body stability.
Achieve better muscle toning effect by using SIXPAD Arm Belt after regular muscle training.


2. Squats training tips - Strengthen the Quadriceps & Glutes:

a. Keep your knees pointing to the tip of shoes, moving as a straight line.
b. Keep your back straight throughout the workout, put all the body weight to your heels.
c. Exhale when you stand straight; Inhale when you squat down.  Don’t hold your breath.

 Using SIXPAD Leg Belt after squatting exercise to achieve better training result.

3.  Plank training tips – Core muscles training:

a. Put your upper arm perpendicular to the ground.  Shoulders pointing to your elbow as the straight line.
b. Try to tuck in your belly button to the spine. Keep your head, shoulder, hips, and heels as a straight line.
c. Adjust the duration according to your personal core strength.  Longer duration will give more challenge to the core muscles.

Using SIXPAD Abs Belt to give extra stimulation to your abs after plank or other abdominal exercise.


Official SIXPAD App to enhance training motivation

The New SIXPAD Training gears are equipped with Bluetooth technology to increase convenience and improve exercise continuity. With this new feature, you can now control level settings and other aspects of the SIXPAD devices with specially designed application. The app will also allow you to synchronize with maximum 6 devices for training the various parts of your body at the same time.


SIXPAD Training Suit

When you wear the suit, it will create moderate resistance to transform every move into an exercise , like everyday actions including walking, running, standing, sitting, climbing stairs and picking up objects.

Train your triceps

Train your transverse abdominal muscles and shape your waist

Train your hamstring muscles and shape your hips

Train your hamstring muscles and shape your hips and waist

*Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which everyday objects connected to the internet exchange data and use it to mutually control each other.
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