Stylish and Personalized Suitcases

Travel lovers long for a stylish and trendy suitcase which contains traces of their trips from all over the world. But in reality, a suitcase full of barcode stickers can be picked up by scanners and set to the wrong destination! With our collection of various luggage stickers and design name tags, you can create your own stylish and personalized luggage. Give your suitcase the perfect end to your trip by adding on a country landmark sticker, serving as your travel memorabilia.

Luggage Sticker

Universalcondition Luggage Sticker - Caution

Universalcondition Luggage Sticker - Fragile


Luggage Sticker

Redpoint Sticker – World Travel A

Redpoint Sticker – World Travel C


Name Tag

  • Korean brand and design
  • Choo Choo Cat design theme

Jetoy Choo Choo Name Tag – Nana Choo

Jetoy Choo Choo Name Tag - Secret Night