Be a Responsible Traveller with High-tech Eco Gadgets

The scorching heat of summer invites… sleep? Nah, should be an excursion! It’s time to go on a scenic tour under the captivating sky of June, but getting ready solely with a svelte figure turns out to be not enough, you have to pack also an eco-conscious mind of protecting the environment while enjoying the good nature. ‘Responsible Tourism’ is the future travel trend, in response, cool and practical high-tech travel gadgets are enthusiastically developed across the world, and many of them have already arrived the shelves of LOG-ON.

It’s time to start your eco journey.

On the Beach

The countless grains of sand on the seashore always makes one mistaken about grabbing a handful as souvenir is no big deal, this is in fact a damaging act to the beach. But most of the time, sands glued on our sandals, clothing, mats and everything, forcing us to bring sands back home involuntarily. This summer, we can finally be sand free after beach parties with these newly launched products, letting sands stay in where they should be.

Double-Layered Perforated Sandals

Ventolation Sand-Free Shoes


The sandals adopted a patented design providing a swift double-layered abatement system where sand and water fall through the perforated insole to the built-in columns underneath, bringing the grains away.

*Available only at Times Square and Festival Walk stores.



Sand & Water Free Beach Mat

Sandlite Sand-Free Beach Mat (L)


Adopting a quick dry, light weight material, with a patented perforated design which allows grains to fall through, the Sandlite beach mat provides an undeniable comfort and softness for sunbaths, and a wonderful sand-free experience on beaches! The mat can stick to the ground without flying up on windy days as its patented construction allows wind to go through. It can easily be folded into a small carry bag.

*Available only at Times Square and Festival Walk stores.

In the Mountains

Hiking has become a trendy hobby in Hong Kong in recent years, people of all kinds hike – for gorgeous photos, for a touch of artistic mood, for a meaningful date, or a healthy family gathering. In country parks and along hiking trails, people gathered thus litter piled up... but is it a reasonable outcome? Of course not. To maintain our countryside an ideal place for recreation, take your litter home!

You are Now Safe to Drink Stream Water

Life Straw


Water in streams or brooks has become a safe drink now with the help of Life Straw. Its multi-layered water filters comply with the US EPA standard for water purifiers, can convert contaminated water into clean and safe drinking water. Is it really safe? Life Straw is manufactured by the Swiss brand Vestergaard, which collaborates with charitable organizations including the UNICEF, supporting the health of people by filtering water in third world countries.

A Stylish Way to Carry Trash

Aw Roo Garbage Bag 30L -  Campbell Soup


This beautifully printed carry bag is indeed a refuse bag, with inner buttons attaching a refillable bin bag inside. The design allows a trendy clean container to be carried along the trip, tidily without sticking food debris. The special edition crosses over with the well-known Campbell soup design by Andy Warhol, decent enough to use as a shopping bag too.

*Available only at Times Square, Festival Walk and Fashion Walk stores.

On the Meadow

Green spaces are rare urban oases to the locals. People would thank God if they could find a place on the meadow to sit on, not to mention lie down or play around, but still you can relax in your cozy corner and get close to nature. You can get further closer by having a plastic-free day, bring your own reusable grocery bag and use compostable cutlery and items.

Espresso Anytime, Anywhere

Cafflano Kompresso – Black


The world’s most compact and the lightest portable espresso maker allows you to enjoy a cup of rich and aromatic espresso anytime, anywhere. The set runs by a hydraulic water compression system where electricity is not needed. Cafflano Kompresso surely will cause a stir with coffee lovers by its debut launch in retail shops in Hong Kong.

Take the Weight off Your Feet

Helinox Chair One – Palm Leaves


Featuring aluminium poles and a breathable mesh seat, the Korean Helinox packable camp chair can steadily support 200 pounds with only a weight of 1kg itself. This 2017 summer edition of palm leaves patterns brings about the carefree spirit of summer.


From the mountains to the sea, love them the way you treasure your home.