Starting a Fitness Revolution at Work: 5 Ways to Get in Shape Quick

Pulling long hours at work and eating irregular meals can compromise your nutritional intake and fitness needs, but being ‘too busy’ should not be an excuse to neglect your health and physique. For those determined to get back in shape, let’s get started today and jump on a new fitness regime. Say goodbye to your belly flab from sitting too much, and shed those extra pounds by cutting out junk food. Start eating healthy to get the body you’ve always wanted!

Here are five body toning tips for extremely busy people that tackle your body shape, posture and mental health. Maximise your time and your results now!


5 Easy Ways to Get Fit

There are no shortcuts to get a firming body. While diets produce quick results, they rarely work for stay in shape. Make long-term changes, starting with your daily routines, to make your fit lifestyle last a lifetime!


1       Protein: The best diet to lose body fat

Skipping meals and ends up with a growling stomach mean less calorie intake and resulting weight loss; however, that’s not the case. Extreme diets do more harm than good to your health. Here’s how you can eat normally while losing weight — add protein powder to your diet. When you have an imbalanced diet, your body does not get the essential nutrients it needs. Take protein as an example, long-term protein deficiency will slow down your metabolism and your body will fall out of shape. Protein powder, especially a plant-based one, is a convenient option for city dwellers. It doesn’t contain cholesterol, it rejuvenates the skin with its antioxidant properties, detoxes and fills the stomach. Best consumed before a workout, or you can choose from a plethora of flavours to mix in with your breakfast, such as fruits, milk and yoghurt. At the end of the day, you are what you eat.


  •  Protein powder that goes with everything


Natural Healthy Standard Beauty Soy Protein Powder Fruit Mix HK$168

Natural Healthy Standard, a Japanese brand, its protein powder is quickly absorbed by the body and is best consumed after a workout. Also known for its antioxidant properties, the powder can be taken with fruits, milk or yoghurt to fill up the stomach and build a healthy physique.

*Exclusive at LOG-ON.


  • Healthy DIY dessert


Kura Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder (Choco) HK$128


USDA Organic seal approved, Kura plant-based protein will spice up any dessert recipe. Each serving provides a wide selection of vitamins and minerals to take care of you inside and out.

A premium blend of organic pea, oat and sunflower, it is packed full of probiotics, prebiotic fibre and Omega 3.

The choco powder will add a unique twist to your coffee that will power you through the day.

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  • One-minute healthy quick mix

Sunfood Golden Milk Super Blend 6oz HK$150

Sunfood Golden Milk Super Blend is a brand of super food It boasts a unique mix of black pepper, turmeric that boosts your overall energy and regulates inflammation, and maca that balances hormones and enhances vitality. Goji berry is added for its naturally sweet flavour. Enjoy this creamy elixir on its own, or mix with coconut milk or dairy milk.


How To Eat Dessert And Still Stay in Shape?
Healthy DIY dessert recipe to try at home!


Peanutty Protein Bites


Kura Vanilla Protein Powder......tbsp

Medjool dates, pitted ......1 cup

Peaunt butter ...... 2 tbsp

Chia seed ...... 2/3 cup

Optional: chocolate chips ......1/4 cup

How to prepare:

Pulse all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Add 1/4c chocolate chips and scoop out little balls. Refrigerate for half an hour and you're ready! Enjoy this guilt-free snack in the office.


2       Sculpt your body: The perfect 30-minute workout

For most healthy adults, it is recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. If we break it down to five working days, you probably want to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. Start easy with slow jogging and swimming, but for those who are too tired to work out after work, try yoga or stretching during TV time. With the right gear, you can tone your muscles and get the small waist, the perfect peach bum and the ab line in no time.


  • Working out at home

Vonmie EMS Muscle Trainer (3 Devices & 3 Gel Pad Set) HK$899

You don’t have to hit the gym to get fit! Simply attach the EMS Muscle Trainer on your body to embark on a 25-minute body-sculpting workout routine. The device tones your waist and arms, and reduces the risk of workout-related injuries due to poor posture and muscle imbalances.


  • Peach booty workout

Vonmie EMS Hip Trainer Set HK$459

The U-shaped hip trainer stimulates the hip line through electrical muscle stimulation. It releases pressure and tightens the hip muscle to create the perfect S-shape you’ve always desired. Simply attach the trainer to work out at home anytime.


3       Get your numbers right: Body fat vs. Body weight

Did you know the difference between weight loss and fat loss? What we want to achieve with the perfect diet plan and workout regimen is fat loss — reducing your body fat percentage. The optimal body fat percentage for women between 30 and 50 is 20% to 24%, while men fall between 14% and 17%. So next time when you step on a scale, remember, you’re not just measuring fat. Building muscles can help you burn fat, and while an increase in muscle mass may lead to weight gain, your body is actually getting more toned. Step up your fitness regimen with the right tools to reach your ideal body shape and fat percentage.


  • Monitor your weight anytime, anywhere


Fitbit Versa Peach/ Rose Gold AL (EU) HK$1,798

Versa is your day-to-day Fitbit watch, but only better. It features 24/7 heart rate, on-screen workouts, auto exercise recognition and sleep tracking. The new dashboard has also been streamlined to make your journey even more hassle-free. Versa has a battery life of 4+ days and is water resistant up to 50M. The new design is in gender-neutral style that fit for everyone, and it's so light and handy you won't even feel it.


  • Measure your fat percentage in one go

Elecom Hello Body Composition Meter (White) HK$398


Hello Body composition meter measures and estimates the overall body weight, fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, BMI, body composition, frame type and basal metabolic rate to help you stay on top of your game.



4      Grow a strong backbone: Improving your posture

Kyphosis, slouching and hunching are bad posture that not only affect the way you look, but are leading causes of belly fat and indigestion. The first step to losing the belly is to stand and sit up straight. It will also relieve shoulder and neck pain!


  • Keep your spine strong and happy





Style Premium Black HK$1,850


Designed and made in Japan, Style Premium Black seat cushion is made of two different kinds of rebound memory foam. It supports the spine, relieves the pelvis and aligns the lumbar vertebra. It provides full support for your body and will help bring back the perfect ’S-shape’ you long for.




5      Take it easy: One day at a time

When the pressure is on, people turn to their comfort food and tend to eat a little more. ‘Stress eating’, as we call it, actually triggers our brains to release dopamine, which leads to euphoria when eating tasty food. This explains why some people tend to be more positive but will gain weight easily during periods of stress. To break this vicious cycle, you need to find ways to relieve stress and relax your mind and body.

  •  Treat yourself to a scalp massage at home


Breo iDream5 Head Massager HK$3,588


iDream5 Head Massager adopts hot compress massaging technology to provide all-round massage for the head and ocular regions. Built-in relaxing music will help you sleep and relieve tension. All massager settings are compatible with the Breo app, so you can sit back and pick your favourite massage mode with just a few taps.



Work-life balance is the new way of living in the 21st century. Keeping a fit mind and body is guaranteed to boost your productivity. From 30 August to 12 September, visit your favourite LOG-ON store to pick up your ‘Get in Shape’ fit kit. It’s never too late to get healthy and live a balanced life!