Summer Getaway with Safety Smart Travel Gears

Woohoo! Finally it’s… vacation time, what’s your plan this year? Preparing for a wildlife adventure in South America, or hang around and relax in our neighbourhoods, or want something spiritual this time such as wandering alone in a sacred land? Everywhere is fine, as long as you are safe. LOG-ON has been promoting the idea of broadening horizons through travelling and cares for travel safety, this summer, we have brought to our keen travellers high quality innovative travel gadgets and accessories. We watch your back while your travel, so you can focus on having fun and doing more.

Safety checklist:

1. Luggage storage

  • Organize items neatly so you can add or take out things from suitcase effortlessly
  • Make your luggage easily distinguishable to lower the risk of mistaking the wrong one
  • Keep your baggage light weighted to cause least harm to your body when moving around

Organize Luggage Effortlessly

Lapoche Luggage Organizer – Green (M) HK$128

Packing the luggage before and at the end of the journey is sometimes quite time consuming, using a single layered Lapoche luggage organizer may let you finish the task elegantly, and allows efficient taking out or adding things afterwards. You may arrange your clothes by types, or to pack each day’s outfit individually. Its mesh front allows clothes to breathe and makes easy identification.

Add Vibrant Colours to Luggage


GGO Deung O Carrier Belt – Sun Bath HK$99

Made and designed in Korea, these vivid coloured carrier belts bring joyful excitement to your trip. The vibrant colours made your baggage distinguishable from the others, lowering the risk of mixing and mistaking other luggage.

2. Body protection

  • Avoid backaches and muscle strains by steadying your sleep position
  • Have plenty of sleep and keep your body and mind in good state

Sleep Tight with Head and Neck Support


Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Pillow HK$498

The worldwide bestselling Evolution Cool Pillow has evolved, further upgrading its head and neck support. Its cooling air circulation vents keep your skin breathing, while non-slip fabric and strings prevent your head from leaning sideward. The pillow can be compacted into a convenient travel bag, easy to bring to long trips. You can now say goodbye to sleepless flights.

3. Passport and money storage 

  • Always organize credit cards, phone cards, passport and other personal documents tidily and in a safe place
  • Put your passport and ID card into wallets with anti-theft technology to prevent personal information being stolen
  • Separate currencies of different countries so that it can be taken out conveniently

The Currencies Separator


Moneia 5-Zip Currency Organizer - Blue HK$299

Especially in cross-country adventures, you may encounter currencies of different countries and it is a great trouble mixing all the coins and paper money. By using a five-pocketed currency organizer, credit cards, SIM cards, phone cards and all kinds of currencies can be organized separately, avoid dropping money and important items while searching in haste.

Funny & Smart Peanut Passport Wallet


Marcket Passport Wallet – Peanut HK$198

Start your exciting trip with this fun and smart passport wallet – indeed a box with multi inner pockets which separate passports and tickets. Its anti-theft function prevents personal information being stolen. Fun, safe and brilliant.

4. Personal items protection

  • Keep your personal documents and money close
  • Use anti-theft designed bags to breathe a little easier while travelling alone
  • Prevent opening bags and protect your valuables and personal information from disclosing

The Invisible Anti-theft Waist Wallet


Pacsafe Coversafe X100 RFID Blocking Waist Wallet – Gray $255

The Australian brand Pacsafe launches an intelligent anti-theft waist wallet featuring metal wires and an unbreakable belt and chain. Its RFID technology allows personal information to be secured inside the wallet, keeping important items close while sightseeing hand-free.

The Wearable ‘Security Box’


Pacsafe Intasafe Anti-Theft 20L Backpack HK$1,190

Pacsafe Intasafe backpack has a comprehensive built-in anti-theft technology which features eXomesh slashguards and smart zipper security which outsmart strap slashers and bag snatchers. Removable carrysafe straps allow fixing the backpack at tables and chairs. RFID blocking pocket protects personal information. It’s a smart companion of solo travels.

LOG-ON Times Square store is holding a Travel Fair from 5 to 19 June, exhibiting all kinds of innovative high-tech travel gears. Get yourself prepared for your trip and bon voyage!