Sun-kissed Beauty: Get Glowing Skin under the Dazzling Sun

The bright sunlight is dazzling as ever – making ladies a bit jumpy now, busy worrying about tanning, freckles popping up, skin drying out and lots more skin problems after exposing under the sun. LOG-ON has brought to you a head-to-toe skincare plan, on UV protection, whitening and hydration of skin, so as to let you enjoy your beach party wholeheartedly, have no qualms being in the sunshine, and live and breathe under the sun. We even care about the details which you may overlooked!

Skincare in 3 steps: Before, during & after a day at the beach

Step 1: Prepare for the sun

The hectic pace of city life makes a weekend on the beach sounds so wonderfully pleasing, even the idea of it is a refreshment – viewing the boundless ocean while walking barefoot on golden sands. To get well prepared for this summer date with the beach, simply getting a sexy bikini set and working hard to attain a perfect figure may not be enough, you have to equip every inch of your skin with adequate protection and make it glow. Not to forget some lovely embellishments which can really hit the spot. This summer, wow the beach with your gorgeous look!


Perk Up Your Breasts
When Breast Mask (8 pieces) HK$288

A breast treatment is something that can’t be ignored before a date on the beach.
Nourish and brighten your breast skin by using a breast mask which helps lift, firm up and perk up your breast. The Korean natural bio-cellulose sheet mask covers breast surface thoroughly, the skin-like design provides super adhesion and it goes well from your tight clothing to casual wear.


Spice Up Your Legs
Beauty World Mero Kyun Nail (For Pedicure) HK$50

Embellish your fingertips and toe tips with bright and vivid colours on the nails, to give a tint of liveliness and brings out the fairness of your skin. The nail polish especially for pedicure has a wider brush to make your application easier. Available in many colours.


Get Smoother Skin
Epilat Hair Bleach CR. Sensitive - Arm & Leg Kracie HK$98

Embellish your fingertips and toe tips with Facial hair bleaching products have been hot picks in recent years to prevent damage on skin caused by shaving. Hairs on face, arms and legs ‘disappeared’ after being lightened, resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Apply the bleach on hairs after bath for fifteen minutes then wash off with warm water. Convenient and easy to use.


Skincare tips: daily self-care for breasts

Women do whatever they can to treat their face, but often pay less attention to breasts. Below are five daily suggestions to nourish your breasts and keep them in good shape:

  • Massage your breasts regularly and moisturize by applying breasts masks
  • Pay attention to daily eating habits and improve your posture
  • Apply sunscreen on areas around neck and breasts when wearing low-cut clothes
  • Always keep your chest area clean to avoid growing whiteheads
  • Train up your chest muscles by exercising regularly to firm up your breasts


Step 2: Skincare on the beach

Beach mat on the best spot, sunglasses on your nose, sparkling sands and bright sunlight – an exciting day on the beach is now ready! But as time passes, anxiety increases, a voice keep on asking: is it time to reapply sunscreen or makeup yet? For those who care about their appearances, here are some easily portable and long-lasting products which don’t take up much space in your beach bag.

Cleaning & Sunblock 2 in 1
Ishizawa Shigaisen Yohou Refreshing UV Sheet HK$128

Embellish your fingertips and toe tips with This brilliant product by Ishizawa puts sweat cleaning and UV protection into one sheet of paper towel! The paper towel comes with a mild scent of tangerine essential oil, it can easily wipe off sweat and dirt on face and body thus provides UV block at the same time, its SPF 30++ formula is gentle enough for children and adults. Only the size of a normal wet towel which fits in pockets.



Reapply Makeup & UV Protection Anytime
On The Body x Kakao OTB Natural Sun Cushion (Ryan) SPF50 HK$133

The Kakao UV protection series include Natural Sun Cushion, Clear Sun Stick and No Sebum Sun Pact. The Natural Sun Cushion is a triple function tone-up multi cushion combining whitening, wrinkle improvement as well as UV rays blocking. The fine particles brightens skin and smoothen pores, and the aloe ingredient soothes tired skin. This lovely portable kit allows reapplying of makeup and UV protection to be done anytime, anywhere.


Refresh Your Body with Adorable Scent
S-Carat Deodorant Powder Sheet -Rose (Right) HK$25

Wipe out bad sweat smells and sebum with a rose scent deodorant powder sheet, keeping your body cool and fresh. The Snoopy character deodorant series includes a powder sheet pack of twelve pieces and also comes in spray form, both providing rose scent and scentless for selection.


Skincare tips: ‘A for aging’ in UVA, ‘B for burning’ in UVB

A mnemonic here for you to remember the difference between UVA and UVB: A for aging, B for burning. UVA rays are considered the sun’s silent killers - to skin beauty and to health. UVA destroys the key substances in skin that gives its elasticity, it is the leading cause of tanning, and plays a major part in skin aging and wrinkling. The efficacy of products against UVA rays are measured by the value of PA. UVB rays are the chief cause of skin reddening and sunburn, and play a key role in the development of skin cancer. The efficacy of products against UVB rays are measured by its sun protection factor, SPF. It has long said that applying sunscreen solely before going outdoors is not enough to last a whole day’s protection. The key is reapplying. Reapply sunscreen according to its SPF and PA value, and pay extra attention when you need to go into water.

Step 3: Adequate after-sun care

A great day interwoven with laughter, waves and sweat, often results in clammy skin. To make things worse, skins were found dried and fragile after long hours under the blistering sunshine - simply a horrible sight, especially when there are friends whose skin can stay fair and glowing forever, what’s the trick? One of the crucial reasons would be the appropriate remedies taken on that very night after sunbaths and on the following golden days of recovery, which makes the difference.


Instant Whitening & Brightening
Marnacosme White Conc Whitening CC CII HK$98

The top selling skincare series in Japan – the White Conc Body Whitening series, is beloved by Japanese ladies since its launch. The recent Whitening CC Cream moisturizes and whitens skin with vitamin C derivative, two kinds of collagens plus three kinds of hyaluronic acid. It can be applied all over the body and serves as UV protection too. Its instant whitening ability preps you with radiant skin before your date.


Skin Soothing & Hydrating
Lululun X LOG-ON Limited Set HK$148

Lululun X LOG-ON Limited Set HK$148
Collaborating with LOG-ON, the Japanese well-liked brand Lululun launches a limited mask set, mask lovers can now try out the best six popular masks of the brand. The set includes six types (a total of eighteen pieces) of masks each with its unique effect: nourishing, oil control, moisturizing, whitening, brightening etc. Pick the appropriate one matching with your skin condition on different days.


Deep Pore Cleanser for Men
Keana Baking Soda Face Foam For Men HK$98

Guys of course are not exempt from facial cleansing . After daily activities, refresh your handsome face with the new Baking Soda Face Foam for Men which has a powerful yet gentle cleansing formula formed by baking soda and enzyme. They dissolve the clogging and sebum, wash away dirt as well as tighten skin. With its moisturizing hyaluronic acid and collagen, pores are refreshed and smooth skin is delivered. It serves as shaving foam too.



Skincare tips: hydration and repair after sunbaths

I know you are drained after a long day in the sun, but after-sun remedies cannot be neglected nor simplified or your laziness will become your regret. Grab the golden time of six to eight hours after sunbaths to plump your skin. The ways below may help you soothe and lower the skin temperature:

  • Make an ice pack by moistening a towel with cold water or by wrapping a bag of ice, place the ice pack onto reddened skin to lower its temperature. 
  • Have a warm water bath instead of taking a shower to avoid skin being irritated by water coming from the shower head.
  • Completely clean off sunscreen, make up and sweat, pay extra attention to cleansing your pores.
  • Skin needs plenty of moisturisation, especially after three days after sun exposure, replenish your skin with moisturizing cream and lotion during the golden period of skin recovery.


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