Explore the sweet treats and desserts specially brought in from around the world this Christmas. 

Britain where Christmas is generally a wet affair although heavy snowfall has featured on cue in recent years, we seek out the traditional holiday favourite, the Christmas pudding or ‘pud’. In England, each family has their own family recipe for pud, also known as plum pudding. It is traditionally made five weeks before Christmas. That day dubbed "Stir-up Sunday," is when each family member or child in the household gives the pudding a good stir and makes a wish while preparing for the big feast on Christmas day.

Stollen or ‘Christstollen’ is Germany’s version of a Christmas cake made from yeast, water and flour. One interesting fact in preparing stollen is that raisins are sometimes presoaked in rum for a length of time before baking. As it is a heavy bread filled with fruits and nuts, stollen is definitely better appreciated by adults more than kids, but it is becoming an increasingly popular dessert bread during the holidays.

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