ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Gel  (90g)

ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Gel (90g)

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UPGRADED ANESSA Double Defense Technology UV protection veil increases with sweat & water!

【ANESSA Aqua Booster EX Technology】
Stronger UV Protection when in contact with sweat or water
Friction resistant: Sunscreen stays on skin even with friction

【Super Water Proof】
Water resistance proven by an 80-minute bathing test

  • 50% skincare formulation to prevent photoaging
  • Easily removable with soap
  • Dewy and fresh gel with aqua touch
  • Sand Resistant – Prevent sand from sticking to the skin
  • Can be used as makeup prime
  • Refreshing fragrance of citrus soap
  • Colorant-free, allergy tested (it carries no guarantee that it won’t cause allergic reactions)

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