BEANIE 100% Freeze Dried Australian Beetroot Powder (14 x 5g)

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Beanie is a Hong Kong health food company, aiming to support your health and wellbeing with our Superfood powders 100% made from premium fruits, vegetables and grains grown in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our daily powder packs allow you to enjoy the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and grains anytime and anywhere. Live a simple and healthier life.

High quality freeze-dry technique preserves all nutrition and taste. All natural – no preservatives, additives or artificial coloring. High in nutrients and easy to consume.
  • Made from premium beet roots grown and freezedried in Austral ia. Al l natural – no preservatives,
  • additives or artificial colouring.
  • 1 sachet ≈ 40g fresh beet root



Store in cool dry place

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