FINE JAPAN Green Tea & Coffee Diet (45g)

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Green tea and coffee are produced by Takahumi Kudo, M.D., the most popular and well-known weight loss doctor in Japan. Personally supervise!

Coffee is strictly developed and mixed with green tea powder and coffee bean powder proceed by in-house. The flavor is sweet and mellow, and it is a very healthy new combination. Green tea coffee has become a natural healthy weight loss drink, and you can drink it anytime you want.

  • In green tea's tea elements, chlorogenic acid can help lose weight
  • Help fat burn and provide energy to muscles
  • Can reduce body fat, body slimming effect
  • The coffee has a mellow aroma, creates a full and smooth taste, and can beautify the body
  • The mouth is smooth, sweet but not astringent, not sour, and the bitterness drops sharply
  • Coffee beans have a strong green tea fragrance
  • Low calorie content <5.3kcal/100ml
  • Individually packaged and easy to carry


Store in cool dry place

Store in cool dry place

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