FINE JAPAN Japan Calorie Burn Capsules - for Carbohydrate (36g)

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  • Sugar essence contains a variety of pure natural plants, which can block the absorption and conversion of sugar, reduce intake, and thus reduce the main cause of fattening.
  • Can delay the absorption of starch in the intestine. Block fat and excrete unabsorbed fat after meals.No need to take sugar, continue to be a "dessert lovers"
  • Japanese research shows that in addition to excessive intake of fat, modern people have also unconsciously absorbed polysaccharides (rice, noodles, bread, soft drinks, paper-packaged drinks, desserts, biscuits, etc.).
  • Sugar suppression: Grape peel extract powder, willow extract powder, grape seed extract powder and Gymnema sylvestris extract. This material has an obvious barrier to adsorption of sugar.
  • Block carbohydrates: Mulberry leaf and white kidney beans help to inhibit the breakdown of starch, reduce calorie absorption, increase metabolism and burn internal fat, block weight control, slim and slim, can block fat formation by yourself, so you can enjoy it easily The food also maintains a bodybuilding figure.
  • The natural formula researched by Fine Japan does not contain western medicine, with mulberry leaf powder (Made in Japan), maltodextrin, Gymnema extract powder, white kidney bean extract powder, hawthorn seed extract powder, grape skin extract powder, willow Extract powder, grape seed extract powder, with the most perfect formula ratio, help you lose weight, and improve a variety of physical and skin problems. Studies have found that obesity can cause abdominal fat accumulation, even acne, stains, and even faster skin relaxation. Usage: 3 capsules during meals, up to once a day. Fine Japan ----- can bring you a truly high-quality and healthy life. And you only have to pay a reasonable and affordable price to easily own real Japanese products. * This product cannot cure any diseases.


Store in cool dry place

Store in cool dry place

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