FITBIT Fitbit Sense Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel

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  • Fitbit Sense Health and FIitness Smartwatch + Gps
  • Includes 6 month premium trial
  • Lunar white / Soft gold stainless steel
  • Skin Temperature Sensor**
  • Sleep Tools for Better ZZZs

Better ZZZs

  • Restful sleep is key, so Sense interprets your sleep quality with a Sleep Score & tracks your sleep stages with your resting heart rate.

On-Wrist Skin Temperature Sensor

  • Sense tracks your skin temperature each night to show how it varies from your personal baseline, so you can spot trends.**

Built-in GPS

  • Sense is the ultimate activity companion—with pace and distance, plus a workout map in the app to show your heart rate intensity.

6+ Day Battery Life

  • Keep it up with a week of battery and fast charging—fuel for a full day in just 12 minutes.*


*Varies with use and other factors; up to 12 hours with continuous GPS.
**Only available in the Fitbit app and only displays variation.
***This feature is not intended to be used for contraceptive or other medical purposes. Fitbit does not guarantee or warrant that this feature can be used to achieve particular results. This feature may not accurately predict your menstrual cycles or related information. This feature is intended only to help users monitor and keep track of certain information.

*Photo for reference only.