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GUM Interdental Brush 1-Type S3 (S)

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 Product Feature :

  • Easily adjust the brush head angle with long handle design. The brush can penetrate to interdental easily.
  • Antibacterial bristles can remove plaque effectively.

How to use :
Place the brush between teeth near the gum margin. Gently brush in-and-out to remove plaques. Bend root of brush (plastic part) to reach and clean molar. Wash brush with water and air-dry after use.

Caution :

  • Do not force to place the brush between teeth, or it may hurt teeth or gum, or may destroy or break the brush. If space between teeth is narrow, it is suggested to use Interdental Brush of smaller size of GUM Floss products.
  • Do not twist brush to avoid damage.
  • Bleeding may occur during first application. If bleeding situation persists, consult a dentist for medical advice.
  • To avoid hurting teeth or gum, replace new Interdental Brush if brush wears out. 

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