GUM Interdental L-Sss

GUM Interdental L-Sss

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Product Feature :
● Easy to clean the tooth without bending the brush head
● Non-slip long handle with hexagonal convex, easy for application
● Use reinforced steel wire which not easy to break or bend
● Antibacterial bristles to keep clean after use

How to use :
Put bristle part insert teeth gap, use a forward and backward motion to clean plaques.

Caution :
● Do not force into if the teeth gap is too tight to insert, or it will hurt your teeth and gumline, even bend or break the steel wire.
● If the teeth gap is too tight to insert, please select a smaller size products, or you can try GUM floss.
● Please don’t twist brush head, or will cause shed hard and steel wire broken.
● If bristle damage, it may hurt teeth and gumline, please change it A.S.A.P.
● Teeth may bleeding as your first use, if bleeding continually, consult a dentist.


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