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IKEHIKO Igusa Yoga Mat "Joy"

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Whats Tatami Yoga?
  • As its name indicates, "Tatami Yoga" is a completely new yoga mat made of tatami mat material "Juncus effusus". It was said people practiced Yoga on Tatami mats before rubbered mat became popular. The soft & fragrant Tatami mat would be good for Yoga that focus on breathing & movement. Tatami Yoga creates a new form of Yoga, beause of the people is often conducted Yoga on the wooden floor now.
Whats is Juncus effusus?
  • Connect from long time ago The raw material of Juncus effusus of Tatami is a natural material that friendly for environment. The additional meaning of Juncus is "Connect" The word root of Yoga also means "Connect", it seems have a great connection from long time ago between Juncus effusus and Yoga were also born in India by chance.??

Features of Tatami Yoga mat:

1. Relax with Juncus effusus scent
2. Smooth feeling & proper grip
3. Doesnt feel sticky even sweating.
4. Deodorize the smell of sweat
5. Antibacterial and deodorant effect by Hiba tree oil essence processing
6. You can feel nature while staying in your room
7. Juncus effusus has a natural air purification function and a humidity control function.
8. PVC rubber is used on the back of Yoga mat, in order to provide the great cushioning property and prevent slipping

Specification of Tatami Yoga mat:

  • Face :??Juncus effuses
  • Back: PVC 4mm
  • Size: 1800 x 600 x 6 mm??
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Made in Japan

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