INNOTIER InnoShield (Adults) Mask - Light Grey

INNOTIER InnoShield (Adults) Mask - Light Grey

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  • Silver Ion Technology is patented material and features Ionic+™
  • 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce the viability of viruses and microbes on soft surfaces.
  • The positively charged silver ions are released in the presence of respiratory moisture and act in a variety of ways to inhibit and eliminate germ & bacteria on the surfaces of the mask
  • Proven effective against Human Coronavirus 229E, H1N1 and H3N2, up to 98.87%
  • Incorporates thermodynamic technology that responds to the body’s heat and wetness and helps keep you at a comfortable temperature all the time 
  • Contour curve line of mask and extended nose adjuster provide excellent comfort

Color: Light Grey

Size: Adult Extra / Adult / Kids


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