NADESHIKO Nose Pore Tsururin Cream Pack  (15g)

NADESHIKO Nose Pore Tsururin Cream Pack (15g)

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Product Feature :

  • Are you peeling or rubbing to take care of rough and darkening pores With KEANA Baking Soda Nose Cream Pack just apply and rinse 5 minutes later. This is a cream pack to cleanse pores leaving your skin clean and beautiful.
  • Baking soda (*1) power will soften keratin plug and dirt, suction stone (*2) will suck softened keratin plug at once! Cleans pores from deep inside.
  • The everyday pore cleaning pack, ensures a shiny and smooth nose without accumulating debris
  • *1 Sodium hydrogen carbonate (dead skin soft ingredient)
  • *2 Volcanicolcanic soil (absorbed ingredient)

How to use

  • After washing the face and drying the skin, take a moderate amount (large as azuki beans) of cream onto the finger, and apply onto the wings of the nose thickly.
  • Leave it for approximately 5 minutes, then gently wipe off with cotton. Thereafter, continue with everyday skin care.
  • Recommended usage: 2 days or more per week. Can be applied. everyday.

Suitable skin type

  • Blackheads and rough skin

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