MUJUN Banshu Hamono Tachi Basami 101 - Grey

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  • MUJUN located in the metal industry of the Hyogo prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture has a 230-year history and is considered the birthplace of Japanese tool forging. Nowadays, household knives and sickles have been widely produced, among which the sales volume of household scissors ranks first in Japan.
  • MUJUN Banshu Hamono Tachi Basami
    • These scissors are constructed out of high carbon steel to ensure they are as durable and strong as possibly. The Tachi Basami Scissors can slice through fabric and canvas cleanly, so there is no uneven fringe left behind. All Banshu Hamono cutleries are handcrafted in Japan by artisan blacksmiths.
    • Length: 10.25"
    • Material: High Carbon Steel
    • Handmade In Japan


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